Merit Award Winners

The BQC panel judges have further differentiated from the two categories a total of 20 winners that may inspire further exploration. All participants with questions selected will receive a Merit Award.

CityU Category
In terms of electricity, how can we strike the balance between economy environment and society?
Ms. CHANG Hoi Yan Yanny
[Innovation in Architecture] What are the limitations of constructing sustainable building with ecological elements in Hong Kong?
Ms. CHEUNG Hoi Kei
How does the Hong Kong government plan to meet the growing demand of accomodation due to the increasing population, is it by filling up ocean or by the demolition of old buildings ? Is either of them a sustainable option?
Ms. CHOUDHURY Shreya Roy
Another step closer to a circular economy by turning landfills into power generating tourist attractions.
Mr. HO, Nicolas James
How can Hong Kong people think about living sustainably when realities are driving them the opposite way?
Ms LOH Shin Key Cynthia
It seems that Hong Kong people are hard-working not only on their jobs, but also on wasting everything. What can we do to get rid of the concept of "wasting is good luck" from people's mind?
Ms. WANG Chang-ting
How the government can promote the financial support from commerical and product commericalization for the substaibability of science and engineering sector?
Ms. WONG Hiu Ching
What are some ways to conserve, maintain and preserve tenement houses, a pre-handover architectural style unique to Hong Kong, without the need of demolishment?
Ms. WU Oi Ki
Taiwan and South Korea emphasize on sustainability only after they become rich at the costs of resources exploitation. Following this development model, why Sarawak government bother to embrace sustainable development?
Mr. YANG Kai
Can solving water pollution or supplying water become a business in Hong Kong?
Ms. YU Ka Wing