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Technical Talks on “Energy Engineering – Challenges and Opportunities”(10 December 2016)

AERC, EI, AEE and HKAEE jointly organized a technical talk on “Energy Engineering – Challenges and Opportunities”. Director of AERC with three invited speakers, Ir Cary Chan from Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), Ir Dr. Anthony Ma from Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and Dr Wei Minchen from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University presented on topics “Nanotechnology and Clean Energy”, “Existing Buildings Energy Saving”, “Food Waste to Biogas Technology”; and “Climate-based Daylight Analysis for Energy Efficient Building Design” respectively. Various aspects of the latest development and potential applications of promising energy technologies and strategies for improving the sustainability in energy supply and demand were discussed, including numbers of novel nanomaterials technologies and their mechanisms such as microfluidic reactor and fuel cell; “ACT Shop” program implemented by HKGBC for conducting retro-commissioning for existing buildings; “FTR Food waste Total Recycling System” for decomposing food waste into three valuable resources which developed by HKPC; and reviews on some new Climate-Based Daylight modeling-based measures and illustration on how to use a photosensor control system to estimate the possible energy saving. 260+ participants from academics, government, consulting firms, property management companies and utilities attended this talk.

Past Events

Seminar on “Light-driven environmental remediation and fuel generation via photocatalysis/photoelectrocatalysis”(22 August 2016)

AERC had invited Prof Guisheng Li from the Shanghai Normal University to give a seminar on photoelectric system construction enhancement of photocatalytic fuel cell. Prof Li had reviewed their research efforts on designing TiO2-based hybrid nanomaterial/electrodes for constructing efficient photo/photoelectric systems for degradation of pollutants diluted in water/air, H2 evolution and carbon dioxide reduction through various routes. Moreover, the potential application of photo-driven duel electrodes in photocatalytic fuel cell and the development of better photocatalysts through composition- and structure-engineering was discussed. 35+ participants from academics and industries attended this seminar.


Seminar on “Microreactor Technology for Energy and Carbon Conversion” (10 May 2016)

AERC had invited Dr. Jin Xuan from the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, U.K to give a seminar on application of microreactor in fuel cell research. The speaker had introduced their current research works including microreaction platform setup, numerical/theoretical modelling framework, microscale heat/mass transfer visualization, microscale interface control and intensification, as well as system scale-up. Moreover, microreactor for renewable energy conversion and for carbon capture and utilization was discussed. 30+ participants from academics and industries attended this talk.


Technical Talks on "Energy Audit"(28 November 2015)

AERC, EI, AEE and HKAEE jointly organized a technical talk on “Energy Audit. Director of AERC with two invited speakers, Mr Justin Ng from Galaxy Macau and Ir Gary Chiang from CLP Power Hong Kong Limited presented on topics “Energy Management System (EnMS)”, “Finding Opportunities in a Holistic Approach for Energy Assessment”; and “Understanding Measurement for Energy Audit” respectively. Various aspects of Energy Audit were discussed, including details description on Energy Management System and the key factors for successful implementation. The speakers introduced the basic instrument types and usage with sample cases, measurement principles and techniques required to take meaningful data were reviewed. The experience on how to conduct an energy assessment in a holistic approach and discussed on how to realize the saving opportunities during the energy assessment process were shared. 155+ participants from academics, government, consulting firms, property management companies and utilities attended this talk.


Technical Talks on Nanomaterials and Solar Energy (23 May 2015)

AERC, EI, AEE and the HKAEE jointly organized technical talks on Nanomaterials and Solar Energy. Director of AERC with two invited speakers, Dr Vivien Lu and Dr. Yuanhao Wang from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University presented on topics “Solar Activated Functional Nanomaterials”, “Development Potential of Roof-mounted Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Hong Kong”; and “Highly Dispersed Superhydrophilic Nanocomposite Colloids for Self-cleaning Curtain Walls” respectively. Various aspects of the application of solar-activated nanomaterials and the advance technology of materials which can be screen-printed or sprayed onto the PV glass surface were investigated. Besides, the development potential of rooftop solar photovoltaic applications in Hong Kong was also discussed. 160+ participants from academics, government, consulting firms, property management companies and utilities attended this event.


International Conference on Solid Wastes 2015: Knowledge Transfer for Sustainable Resource Management (ICSWHK2015) (20-23 May 2015)

AERC is one of the supporting organizations for the ICSWHK2015. The conference is organzied by Sino-Forest Applied Research Centre for Pearl River Delta Environment (ARCPE),Hong Kong Baptist University. It will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from 20-23 May 2015. About the conference: Currently many Governments are facing hectic pressure due to increasing waste generation and diverse nature of wastes. However, solutions for their treatment and disposal are not simple owing to the increasing diversity of the waste that necessitates appropriate technologies. Ironically, many solutions, including social and technological, do not have universal applicability; and region specific modifications are required. Such modifications in the technology and practices need efficient knowledge transfer and be discussed in a forum with the characteristics of different regions to develop model practices and subsequent appraisal of the success stories to be adapted elsewhere that can save lots of resources across boundaries. With this preamble and the success of the past two conferences in 2011 and 2013, the “International Conference on Solid Waste 2015: Knowledge Transfer for Sustainable Resource Management” will provide a perfect platform for the stakeholders from academia, industries, governments, NGOs and the public to deliberate on various issues related to sustainable waste management practices. It will definitely enhance our understanding leading to effective and sustainable management of wastes.

The conference covers the following themes:
1. Sustainable solid waste management practices - Countries perspectives
2. Waste collection, segregation and characterization
3. Innovative strategies for waste separation, recycling and recovery
4. Sustainable waste utilization & recycling methods
5. Bioenergy and bioproducts from waste (anaerobic digestion, biofuels, etc)
6. Biomass production from waste & carbon sequestration (composting, biochar, etc)
7. Thermal technologies for waste treatment – Trend & development
8. Landfill management & leachate treatment
9. Hazardous, industrial and special waste management
10. Electronic waste management, treatment and pollution abatement
11. Life cycle assessment of waste management practices
12. Waste management industry - Market potential
13. Economic instruments and financing methods for waste management
14. Environmental education for waste management industry and community
15. Environmental quality and climate change

For details, please visit the conference website


Seminar on "Carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage" (7 January 2015)

AERC had invited Dr. Xuan Jin, Assistant Professor in School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Heriot-Watt University to deliver a seminar on carbon dioxide capture and storage. The speaker described a number of CCUS research activities conducted in the Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage (CICCS) at Heriot-Watt University, including novel sorbents for more efficient capture; modelling and experimental studies of geological carbon storage and ecosystem responses to releases of CO2, microreactor for carbon utilization process, fuel cell-based CCUS systems and solar fuels. 30 participants from consultancy firms and academics attended the seminar.


Seminar on "Investigation of Transport Processes in PEMFC Cold Start and Normal Operation (6 January 2015)

AERC had invited Dr. Jiao Kui, professor in the State Key Laboratory of Engines at the Tianjin University to deliver a seminar on the investigation on the effective start-up from subzero temperatures of proton exchange membrane fuel cell and their researches on solving this major technical challenges for the commercialization of proton exchange membrane fuel cell. The speaker introduced multi-level modeling and experimental observation to let the audiences to understand the ice formation mechanisms. The effects of various cell designs and operating conditions on the cold start and normal operation performance of PEMFC had been discussed. 15 participants from academics attended the seminar.


5th International Conference on Energy - Sustainable Energy Polices and Technologies (16-17 October 2014)

School of Energy and Environment, White Rose University Consortium of UK and Energy Institute had jointly organized the 5th International Conference on Energy- Sustainable Energy Policies and Technologies as one of the celebratory event of 30th anniversary of CityU. AERC has provided logistic supports for this event. The Conference was a successfully event with overwhelming responses. Over 270 participants, including local and overseas government officials, non-government organizations, industry and business sectors, academia, researchers and students participated in the conference. The Conference offered the participants an invaluable opportunity to assess the applicability and effectiveness of various related sustainable technologies as well as energy policy trend in Hong Kong as well as in the rest of the world. It also facilitates academic and professional exchange for technological and policy development towards sustainable energy supply and utilization.


Technical Talks on “Hydrogen - The Future Fuel” (2 August 2014)

AERC with The Energy Institute Hong Kong (Branch)had jointly organized technical talks on hydrogen energy at LT-17 on 2 August 2014. In these technical talks, various aspects of hydrogen fuel, from production, applications to safety operation were discussed. Around 210 participants had attended the technical talks.


Seminar on " A Miniaturized Microbial Fuel Cell: renewable & carbon-netural energy converter(10 Apr 2013)

AERC had invited Dr. Junseok Chae, Associate Professor from Arizona State University to present. Speaker presented a miniaturized MFC having a high power density and high CE; also provided insight of using nanostructure materials to further enhance the MEMS MFC to be used for a portable power source.


Agreement Signing Ceremony with Sinopec Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals(19 Feb 2013)

AERC signed a research collaboration agreement with the SINOPEC Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals and The University of Hong Kong on 19 February 2013. The agreement facilitates academic and professional exchanges among the three parties and fosters ties with the local academic institutes and Mainland industries.


Symposium on Application of Physical Scale Prevention Technologies for chiller Condensers"(12 Jan 2013)

AERC and the Energy Institute (Hong Kong) Branch jointly organized a half-day Symposium on presenting in what way a well design air-conditioning systems could effectively remove indoor pollutants to safeguard our health. Speakers presented the latest technologies that improve the energy efficiency of air-conditioning systems and enhance the indoor air quality (IAQ) in offices. Director of AERC was invited to be one of the speakers and delivered a talk on “Photocatalytic oxidation- an emerging technology in HVAC industry”.


Seminar on "Seminar on “Solar Power Plants and Energy Storage for Global Energy Needs"(29 Sep 2012)

AERC had invited Prof. Elias K Stefanakos, Director of Clean Energy Research Centre from University of South Florida Tampa, Florida USA as the speaker of the seminar to present an overview of solar power plants (PV and CSP), including technological advancements and cost reductions, and their potential contribution to the global electrical energy needs.


International Conference on Energy for the Next Decade

AERC and the Energy Institute (Hong Kong Branch) jointly organized the International Conference on Energy for the Next Decade on 20-22 September 2012 in Hong Kong.

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