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  • Nirmal Kumar Gali, S.Y.N. Jiang, Z. Ning*, 2014. Exo- and endo-genous reactive oxygen species from size segregated atsmopheric aerosols in contrast urban environments. Submitted to Journal of Hazardous Materials.
  • Fenhuan Yang, Daya Kaul, Li Sun, Dane Westerdahl, Peter Brimblecomb, Zhi Ning*, 2014. Commuter exposure to black carbon and ultrafine particles in various public transit systems in Hong Kong. Submitted to Science of Total Environment.
  • Agata Rakowska, Ka Chun Wong, Thomas Townsend, Ka Lok Chan, Dane Westerdahl, Simon Ng, Griša Močnik, Luka Drinovec, Zhi Ning*,2014, Impact of traffic volume and composition on the air quality and pedestrian exposure in urban street canyon. Submitted to Atmospheric Environment
  • Jiang, S.Y.N., Yang, F., Chan, K.L., Ning, Z.*, 2014. Water solubility of metals in coarse PM and PM2.5 in typical urban environment in Hong Kong. Atmospheric Pollution Research, 5: 236- 244, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.029.
  • 2013

  • K. L. Chan, Z. Ning*, D. Westerdahl, K. C. Wong, Y. W. Sun, A. Hartl, M. O. Wenig. Dispersive Infrared Spectroscopy Measurements of Atmospheric CO2 using a Fabry-Perot Interferometer Sensor. Science of the Total Environment (IF: 3.258), 472, Pages 27–35. 2013. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2013.10.105
  • Y.C. Lee, Y.F. Lam, G. Kuhlmann, M.O. Wenig, K.L. Chan, A. Hartl, Zhi Ning*. An integrated approach to identify the biomass burning sources contributing to black carbon episodes in Hong Kong, Atmospheric Environment, 2013. (IF=3.787), Volume 80, December 2013, Pages 478–487
  • Li, R. S., M. Navab, P. Pakbin, Z. Ning, K. Navab, G. Hough, T. E. Morgan, C. E. Finch, J. A. Araujo, A. M. Fogelman, C. Sioutas and T. Hsiai, Ambient ultrafine particles alter lipid metabolism and HDL anti-oxidant capacity in LDLR-null mice. Journal of Lipid Research 54(6), 1608-1615. . (IF=5.559)
  • Ning, Z.*, K. L. Chan, K. C. Wong, D. Westerdahl, G. Mo?nik, J. H. Zhou and C. S. Cheung, Black carbon mass size distributions of diesel exhaust and urban aerosols measured using differential mobility analyzer in tandem with Aethalometer. 2013. Atmospheric Environment, In Press, Accepted Manuscript. (IF=3.787)
  • 2012

  • L.H. Hu, X.C. Zhang, W Zhu, Ning, Z , F Tang. A global relation of fire smoke re-circulation behavior in urban street canyons. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management. 2012, Accepted for publication. SCEM-2012-0352
  • Ning, Z., Wubulihairen, R., F. Yang. PM, NOx and butane emissions from on-road vehicle fleets in Hong Kong and their implications on emission control policy, Atmospheric Environment 61: 265-274.
  • 2011

  • Kam, W., Ning, Z , Schauer, J. J., Shafer, M., Sioutas, C. Chemical characterization of coarse and fine particulate matter (PM) in underground and ground-level rail systems of Los Angeles Metro, Environmental Science & Technology, 2011, 45(16):6769-76 .
  • Morgan, T.E, Davis, D.A, Iwata, N., Tanner, J.A, Snyder, D., Ning, Z ., Kam, W., Hsu, Y.T, Winkler, J.W, Chen, J.C, Petasis, N.A, Baudry, M., Sioutas, C., and Finch, C.E. “Glutamatergic neurons in rodent models respond to nanoscale particulate urban air pollutants in vivo and in vitro”. Environmental Health Perspectives, 119(7): 1003–1009. August 2010
  • Pakbin, P., Ning, Z ., Shafer, M.M., Schauer J.J., Sioutas C. Seasonal and Spatial Coarse Particle Elemental Concentrations in the Los Angeles Area, Atmospheric Environment, 45:8, pp. 949-963, March 2011.


  • Ning, Z ., Hudda, N., Daher, N., Kam W., Herner, J, Kozawa, K., Mara, S., Sioutas C. Impact of roadside noise barriers on particle size distributions and pollutants concentrations near freeways, Atmospheric Environment. 44:26, 3118-3127, 2010
  • Ning, Z ., Sioutas, C. Atmospheric processes influencing aerosols generated by combustion and their impact on public exposure: A Review. Aerosol and Air Quality Research. 10: 43–58, 2010.
  • Li R., Ning, Z , Cui, J., Sioutas, C., Hsiai T., Diesel exhaust particles modulate vascular endothelial cell permeability: Implication of ZO-1 Expression, Toxicology Letters 197: 163–168, 2010.
  • 2009

  • Verma, V., Ning, Z ., Cho A. K., Schauer J. J., Shafer M. M. and Sioutas C. Redox activity of urban quasi-ultrafine particles from primary and secondary sources. Atmospheric Environment, Volume 43, Issue 40, December 2009, Pages 6360-6368
  • Han, B., Ning, Z ., Hudda, N., Kim, Y. J., Sioutas, C. Efficient Collection of Atmospheric Aerosols with a Particle Concentrator—Electrostatic Precipitator Sampler, Aerosol Science and Technology, 43:757-766, 2009
  • Pakbin, P., Ning, Z ., Schauer J. J., Sioutas, C. Characterization of Particle Bound Organic Carbon from Diesel Vehicles Equipped with Advanced Emission Control Technologies, Environmental Science and Technology, 2009, 43 (13), pp 4679–4686
  • Han, B., Hudda, N., Ning, Z ., Kim, H. J., Kim, Y. J. & Sioutas, C. (2008). A novel bipolar charger for submicron aerosol particles using carbon fiber ionizers, Journal of Aerosol Science, 40(4), April 2009, Pages 285-294.
  • 2008

  • Han, B., Hudda N., Ning, Z . and Sioutas C. Enhanced Unipolar Charging of Concentration-Enriched Particles Using Water-based Condensational Growth. Journal of Aerosol Science, 39 (9), September 2008, Pages 770-78
  • Ning, Z ., Polidori, A., Schauer, J.J. and Sioutas C. Emission factors of PM species based on freeway measurements and comparison with tunnel and dynamometer studies. Atmospheric Environment, Volume 42, Issue 13, April 2008, Pages 3099-3114
  • Ning, Z ., Silanpaa, M., Pakbin, P., Sioutas, C., Field evaluation of a new particle concentrator- electrostatic precipitator system for measuring chemical and toxicological properties of particulate matter, Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 2008, 5:15, November 2008
  • 2007

  • Ning, Z ., Geller M.D., Moore K.F, Sheesley R.J., Schauer J.J, and Sioutas C. Daily Variation of Chemical Characteristics of Urban Ultrafine Aerosols and Inference of their Sources. Environmental Science and Technology, 41 (17), 6000-6006, 2007
  • Ntziachristos L, Ning, Z ., Geller M.D., Sheesley R., Schauer J.J. and Sioutas C. Fine, Ultrafine and Nanoparticles Trace Element Compositions near a Freeway with Heavy Duty Diesel Traffic. Atmospheric Environment, 41 (27): 5684 – 5696, 2007
  • Ntziachristos L., Ning, Z ., Geller M.D and Sioutas C. Particle Concentration and Characteristics near a Major Freeway with Heavy-Duty Diesel Traffic. Environmental Science and Technology 41 (7), 2223 -2230, 2007.
  • Ning, Z . and Chan, T.L. On-road Remote Sensing of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Vehicle Emissions Measurement and Emission Factors Estimation in Hong Kong. Atmospheric Environment, Volume 41, Issue 39, Pages 9099-9110, 2007
  • Before 2006

  • Ning, Z ., Moore K., Polidori A, Siouats C. Field Validation of the new miniature Versatile Aerosol Concentration Enrichment System (mVACES). Aerosol Science and Technology 40 (12), 1098-1110, 2006
  • Wang, J.S, Chan, T.L., Ning, Z ., Cheung C.S., Leung C.W. Roadside Measurement and Prediction of CO and PM2.5 Dispersion from On-road Vehicles in Hong Kong. Transportation Research Part D- Transport and Environment 11 (4): 242-249, 2006
  • Chan T.L. and Ning Z. (2005) On-road Remote Sensing of Diesel Vehicle Emissions Measurement and Emission Factors Estimation in Hong Kong. Atmospheric Environment 39 (36): 6843-6856, 2005
  • Chan T.L., Ning Z., Leung C.W., Cheung C.S., Hung W.T. and Dong G. On-road Remote Sensing of Petrol Vehicle Emissions Measurement and Emission Factors Estimation in Hong Kong. Atmospheric Environment 38(14), 2055-2066, 2004

    Invited talks

  • Department of Thermal Science and Energy Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China. “Urban Air Pollution: Sources and Health Impacts”, July 7th, 2012.
  • CityU Technology Transfer Forum, “Air Pollution Measurement and Control Technologies to Meet Environmental Challenges”, Hong Kong, June 15th, 2012.
  • The International Conference on Remote Sensing, Environment and Transport Engineering 2012 (RSETE), Nanjing, China. “Urban PM2.5 air pollution and their impact on public health”, June 2nd, 2012.
  • IMechE (HK) Symposium "Advanced Technology in Energy Systems for a Quality Environment", Hong Kong Polytechnic University, “A new methodology of measuring vehicle emissions from blended diesel”. March 21st, 2012.
  • Patent and Licensing


  • Multi-application high flow aerosol to hydrosol PM2.5 sampler, PWG/PA/302/7/2012 (PRC)
  • Dispersive Infrared Spectroscopy Measurements of Atmospheric CO2, PWG/PA/357/10/2013 (PRC, US)
  • Technology Licensing:

  • On-road plume chasing and analysis system (OPCAS). Non-exclusive technology licensed to Hang Zhou Fuming Huanke Corporation
  • Indoor PM purification system with PM2.5 monitoring function. Exclusive technology licensed to Beijing Zhongke Chengyi Environmental Technology Company.
  • Awards:

  • Excellent Product Award, China Hi-Tech Fair, 16-21,November, 2013, Shenzhen, China