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Research projects

Principal Investigator

  • Black carbon in urban atmosphere: size and coating from near-source to ambient environment, Early Career Scheme (ECS), Principal Investigator, Ref: 21201214, Fund: $ 706,737, Period: 01/01/2015-31/12/2016. On-going
  • Development of a Smart, High Efficiency and Energy Saving PM2.5 Sensing and Purifying System for Indoor Air Cleaning, Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), Principal Investigator, Project No. 9440114 (Ref: ITS/324/13FP), Fund: $1,684,750, Period: 02/07/2014-30/06/2016. On-going
  • New Generation of Greenhouse Gases Sensor by Dispersive Absorption Infrared Spectroscopy, Applied Research Grant, Principal Investigator, Project No 9667102, Period: 01/05/2014-30/04/2015.
  • Impact of Atmospheric Aging Processes on The Airborne Black Carbon Size Distributions in Urban Environment CityU Seed Grant (SG). 2013/04/01-2014/03/31. Principal Investigator.
  • Investigation of Primary PM and NO2 Emissions from On-road Vehicles and their Impact on the Roadside and Ambient Air Quality in Hong Kong. Environment and Conservation Fund. 2013/06/01-2015/05/31. Principal Investigator.
  • Prototype Development of an Innovative Portable Air Sampler for Multiple PM2.5 and Bioaerosol Applications. CityU I2RF grant. 2013/01/01-2013/12/31. Principal Investigator.
  • Physicochemical and Toxicological Assessment of Passenger Daily Exposure to Air Pollutants in Various Public Transport Systems in Hong Kong. Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF). 2013/03/01-2015/02/28. Principal Investigator.
  • A pilot study of on-road plume chasing approach to compare biodiesel and diesel vehicle emissions in Hong Kong. Funded by Ability R&D Energy Center and Hong Kong Bio- and Eco-Energy Industry Association, 09/2011-09/2012. Principal Investigator. Abbr. OPCAS. More...
  • Development and evaluation of a high flow ambient particulate matter (PM) sampler. CityU Start-up Grant, 09/2011-09/2013. Principal Investigator. Abbr. ATHAS.
  • Generation of Intracellular Reactive Oxygen Species from Size-Segregated Ambient Particulate Matter (PM) in Different Environments in Hong Kong. CityU Strategic Research Grant (SRG), 05/2012-04/2014. Principal Investigator. Abbr. PM-ROS .
  • Co-investigator

  • Development of Testing Platforms and Standard Protocols for Performance, Nanoparticles Emission and Health Impact of Self-cleaning Nano-coating Textile Products, Innovative Technology Fund, Co-PI, Project No. 9440097; Period: 16/07/2013-15/01/2015.
  • Influence of Biodiesel on Physical and Chemical Properties of Particulate Matter Emitted from A Diesel Engine, GRF, Co-Investigator, 01/12/2012-31/11/2014
  • Physicochemical and toxicological assessment of passenger daily exposure to air pollutants in various public transport systems in Hong Kong. Heath and Health Services Research Fund (HHSRF), Principal Investigator, 01/03/2013-28/02/2015