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Dr  Chiara  FORMICHI 

Ph.D. (Southeast Asian History) School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
M.A. (Southeast Asian Studies) School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
B.A. (Arabic Language and Islamic Studies) University of Rome La Sapienza

Assistant Professor

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Contact Information

Office: AC1-Y7548
Phone: (852)3442 6307
Fax: (852)3442-0180
Email: c.formichi@cityu.edu.hk
Web: Personal Homepage
AC1 : Academic 1
MMW : Mong Man Wai Building
TYB : To Yuen Building
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Research Interests

  • Islamic nationalism and trans-nationalism
  • Political Islam
  • Trans-national flows between the Middle East and Muslim Southeast Asia


  • Religions and Society in Asia
  • Transnational Islam
  • State and Society in the Middle East

Current research projects

  • Islam and politics in 20th century Indonesia
  • Shi’a Islam in Southeast Asia
  • The impact of Mustafa Kemal’s secularization of Turkey on Indonesian nationalism

Publications: Refereed Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Beyond Terrorism and Martyrdom’, Inside Indonesia, 95 (Jan-Mar 2009)
  • “Pan-Islam and religious nationalism: the case of Kartosuwiryo and the Negara Islam Indonesia”, Indonesia 90, (October 2010): 125-46.
  • “When did Kartosuwiryo start shooting?: an account of Dutch-Republican-Islamic forces interaction in West Java, 1945-49”, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, October 2011 (with R. Elson).
  • “Debating “Shi’ism” in Muslim Southeast Asia”, (with R.M. Feener) in Shi`ism and Beyond.
  • “One Big Family? Dynamics of Interaction among the ‘Lovers of the Ahlul Bayt’” in Shi`ism and Beyond.
  • Edited Volumes
  • Shi`ism and Beyond: “Alid Piety” in Muslim Southeast Asia, (with R. Michael Feener), (London: IB Taurus, forthcoming 2012).