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University Events & Seminars
(Reminder) 午間佛學班:為生命加油——佛法漫談CAH2017-02-142017-03-01
(Reminder) Admissions Seminar for the MA Creative Media and MFA Creative Media ProgrammesSCMTomorrowTomorrow
(Reminder) 「香港作家講座系列」阿三:放下文字,體會文學CAH2017-02-272017-02-27
(Updated) IAS Distinguished Lecture: "From Water Trampolining to Ice Jumping: Physics and Nanoengineering of Materials with Intrinsic Extreme Icephobicity" by Professor Dimos PoulikakosIAS2017-02-282017-02-28
IAS Distinguished Lecture: "Interfaces, junctions and stratification" by Professor Pierre-Louis LionsIAS2017-03-022017-03-02
(Updated) CSC Forum - Future of Possible with UAV: New Business Opportunities and Usage ApplicaionsCSC2017-03-032017-03-03
AIS Tea Room Open House 2017AIS2017-03-062017-03-10
IAS Distinguished Lecture: "Microrobotics and Nanomedicine: Future Directions in Medical Robotics" by Professor Bradley NelsonIAS2017-03-082017-03-08
IAS Distinguished Lecture: "Understanding Stresses and Strains Across the Scales – Mechanical Microscopy Studies at the Oxford MBLEM lab" by Professor Alexander M. KorsunskyIAS2017-03-162017-03-16
IAS Distinguished Lecture: "Equilibrium and Forces: from Aristotle to Lagrange" by Professor Jean SalençonIAS2017-03-222017-03-22
「香港作家講座系列」 馬家輝:我的第一部小說的誕生─略談從評論撰述到文學創作的轉型陣痛CAH2017-03-282017-03-28
Workshop on Millimeter-Wave Antenna Technologies for 5G and BeyondSKLMW2017-03-302017-03-31