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University Events & Seminars
(Reminder) Julian Lee Asia One Photographic Awards Exhibition – ThoughtsSCM2017-11-032017-11-28
The President's Lecture Series 31: Excellence in AcademiaCPRO2017-11-232017-11-23
(Reminder) LT Distinguished Lecture Series: Fun with Words: A Microscopic Approach to Literary Translation (Speaker: Prof. Ching-hsi Perng)LT2017-11-232017-11-23
Seminar : Strategic Management of Public Services Organisations (23 November 2017)POL2017-11-232017-11-23
(Reminder) Nov 23 LBJ Colloquium (Speaker: Professor Mourad Ismail, University of Central Florida)LBJ2017-11-232017-11-23
(Reminder) 翻譯及語言學系講座: "都"的意義究竟是怎麼得到的? (講者: 沈陽教授)LT2017-11-242017-11-24
IAS Distinguished Lecture "First Principle Modeling of Biological Transportation Networks" by Professor Peter MarkowichIAS2017-11-302017-11-30
Seminar : Robots and respect: Assessing the case against autonomous weapon systems (30 November 2017)POL2017-11-302017-11-30
(Reminder) 「學院派:三代導演對談」講座 (The Academics: Three Generations of Film Directors Book Talk)UP2017-11-302017-11-30
中國文化中心文化講座系列: 許紀霖教授主講CCIV2017-12-012017-12-06
(Reminder) (Updated) Weekend Talk:From commentator, legislator to policymaker—my views on politics and policy﹙周末時事講堂:從時事評論員、議員到政策制定者—我對政治與政策的看法)UP2017-12-022017-12-02
中國文化中心文化講座系列: 陶德民教授主講CCIV2017-12-052017-12-08
IAS Distinguished Lecture "A Few Spectacular Properties of Pearl Drops" by Professor David QuéréIAS2017-12-082017-12-08