Change of name, HKID/Passport Number or Residence Status

The University keeps each student’s personal particulars such as legal name, number of legal identity document, residence status in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, etc. in its student records system for use in official academic documents like transcripts and award certificate as well as certification for renewal of visas with the Immigration Department.

It is very important that if you have any change in your name, HKID/passport number or residence status, you should inform the University immediately so that the University's central records will be updated and the personal particulars printed on the official documents pertain to your academic records with the University will be accurate.
The form on “Change of Personal Particulars” (R4) is available from the Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO) Service Centre or downloadable here. Please complete the form, attached with relevant supporting document(s) for the change, and return it to the ARRO Service Centre in person. You should bring the original supporting document(s) for verification purpose. No administrative fee will be charged for the change to be made.