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  • Hong Kong Airlines Ltd
    Start Date/Time: 2016/9/29 15:30
    End Date/Time: 2016/9/29 17:00
    Venue: LT-15, AC1
    Target: All degree students
  • Elite 100 - Welcoming Session
    Start Date/Time: 2016/9/29 18:00
    End Date/Time: 2016/9/29 19:00
    Venue: CityU Campus
    Target: For E-100 participants only
  • Introduction to MUN-terminologies & How to approach an MUN conference
    Start Date/Time: 2016/9/29 19:00
    End Date/Time: 2016/9/29 20:30
    Venue: LT – 1, AC1
    Target: All students
  • CityU MUN Interview: Second Round
    Start Date/Time: 2016/9/30 18:00
    End Date/Time: 2016/9/30 20:00
    Venue: CityU Campus
    Target: For Invited students only
  • How to prepare for Big Four Job Application (English)
    Start Date/Time: 2016/9/30 15:30
    End Date/Time: 2016/9/30 17:30
    Venue: LT-16, AC1
    Target: All degree students











"Job Hunting" Must Know

Source: Labour Department
Questions Data Bank Available at e-Portal!
A data bank of past interview questions classified by industries is now available at our Download Area (under the "Student" Page on CLC's website) exclusively for CityU students’ reference. Don’t hesitate to check it out!
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News about Minimum Wage Ordinance (MWO)!
On the announcement of the Minimum Wage Ordinance (MWO) with effect from 1 May 2011, the Labour Department (LD) has just published notes on 3 May regarding the details of the exemption arrangement for student employees and employers under the statutory minimum wage (SMW) regime. Please click here for more details or visit our website.
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Thursday, 29  Sep  2016

The Big 4
Deloitte • EY • KPMG • PwC

The Recruitment Process

In order to select the most suitable candidates, Big 4 accountancy firms have developed elaborate routines to screen for prospective employees in their recruitment. Students who wish to work for the Big 4 are advised to develop a good understanding of the recruitment scheme before they apply. A thorough preparation will help them to maximize their performance in the complex recruitment exercise. While each of the Big 4 has their own emphasis in the recruitment process, there are requirements that are common to all four. Information about the common requirements as well as information unique to individual companies are discussed in the following webpages.

Please click the link below for application deadlines, recruitment schedules and requirements of respective firms :

- Recruitment Schedules of Big Four (intake 2017)
- Recruitment Process (General -for reference)