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  • Police Mentorship Programme 2015/16
    Start Date/Time: 2014/11/25 09:30
    End Date/Time: 2014/11/25 18:00
    Venue: Training Rm E, CLC
    Target: All 2016 graduated FT degree local students
  • Job Fair (Job Market)
    Start Date/Time: 2014/11/26 11:00
    End Date/Time: 2014/11/26 17:00
    Venue: Jordan
    Target: All students
  • Company Visit: Tricor
    Start Date/Time: 2014/11/27 14:15
    End Date/Time: 2014/11/27 18:00
    Venue: Wan Chai
    Target: Invited BOP students



"Job Hunting" Must Know

Source: Labour Department
Questions Data Bank Available at e-Portal!
A data bank of past interview questions classified by industries is now available at the e-Portal / Blackboard exclusively for CityU students’ reference. Don’t hesitate to check it out!
Special Announcement

News about Minimum Wage Ordinance (MWO)!
On the announcement of the Minimum Wage Ordinance (MWO) with effect from 1 May 2011, the Labour Department (LD) has just published notes on 3 May regarding the details of the exemption arrangement for student employees and employers under the statutory minimum wage (SMW) regime. Please click here for more details or visit our website.
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Monday, 24  Nov  2014

The Government of Hong Kong SAR
Administrative Officer • Executive Officer

Working for the CSB

To work as an AO or EO is to become a civil servant, working under the CSB or Civil Service Bureau, one of the largest employers in Hong Kong. Before you decide to become a civil servant, finding out something about the organization and the people you are working for may be a good idea. What is the CSB? (click here)

Further, the CSB, like any organization, is changing as the society is changing. You may also want to take a look the mission and values of the CSB and see if you can identify them. (click here)

Unlike working for private organizations, a civil servant is governed by a very strict code of conduct. Some of us may find it restrictive, while others may find it forthright. Take a look at the code. It can affect you. (click here)

Now, if you think you are comfortable working in the government, find out what it is like to work as an AO or EO.

AO – Administrative Officer

  1. AO Overview (click here)

    Find out what it is like to be an AO. Do you have the required competencies and qualities?

  2. AO Career Development (click here)
    A glance of the career development opportunities on the AO path.

  3. AO Entry Requirements and Application (click here)
    There are a few things you need to learn about AO entry requirements. It is not just academic qualifications. Check from this page if you are the ‘right stuff’ for an AO!


EO – Executive Officer

  1. EO Overview (click here)
    Find out EOs job nature, career prospects, and benefits. The position may be more challenging than it seems. . Check if your competencies and interests match the requirements of this post.

  2. EO Career Development (click here)
    A glance of the career development opportunities on the EO path.

  3. EO Entry Requirements and Application (click here)
    Are you qualified to be an EO?

Recruitment Schedule

Check out the latest Government recruitment schedule at the official CSB website: