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Center for Communication Research
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About the Center

The Centre for Communication Research was founded in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science at the City University of Hong Kong in 2005 ( The center was initially funded by the University, supplemented with external grants from such sources as the Research Grants Committee of Hong Kong, Google, and the Taipei City Government. The core members include all research faculty members of the Department of Media and Communication, a strong international team of scholars who have continuously been receiving grants from various funding sources. With different professional and academic backgrounds, all core members are at the forefront of research and publication in International Communication, Media Effects, New Media, Communication for Social Change, and Political Economy of the Media. Closely affiliated with the Department of Media and Communication, the Centre has collaborated with a wide network of interdisciplinary scholars from around the world. ( more...)

Research Highlight

Internationalizing "International Communication"

Chin-Chuan Lee, editor

A critical intervention in international communications, in which an array of eminent scholars challenge the Western-dominated conceptions of the field.
International communication as a field of inquiry is, in fact, not very “internationalized.” Rather, it has...

Emerging Media: Use and Dynamics

Xigen Li

In the digital age, new media emerge regularly. Communication patterns change along with the rising media channels, innovative ways of information delivery and exchange, and opportunities of online involvement and social interaction. When media change at a fast pace, questions concerning media use, the factors shaping...

What's New?

Jonathan Zhu Keynoted at the largest Communication Conference in mainland China
03 Sep 2017 (Sun)
In his speech at the annual conference of Chinese Association for History of Journalism and Mass Communication (CAHJC) on Aug 18, Jonathan Zhu of the Lab focused on theoretical contributions that computational methods ...
BDSC2017 Concluded in Lanzhou
02 Sep 2017 (Sat)
The 2017 China National Conference on Big Data and Social Computing (BDSC2017) concluded on Aug 13 in Lanzhou.  The 2-day conference was co-organized by School of Computer Science at Northwestern Normal University...
CCR/WML Co-organizes BDSC2017 in Lanzhou
01 Sep 2017 (Fri)
The 2017 China National Conference on Big Data and Social Computing (BDSC2017) will be held at Nouthwest Normal University (NWNU) in Lanzhou on August 12 and 13, 2017.  The conference is coorganized by Colleg...
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