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CityU’s Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) emphasizes on discovery, innovation, and community engagement. DEC lies at the heart of the College's educational strategy. The College aims to guide students to conduct problem-focused research on people and societies in Asia and beyond as part of their acquisition of a strong sense of social responsibility and sustainability; and by doing so, enrich their academic life in CLASS with both a local and global perspective and experiences in knowledge generation and transfer.
  1. All current undergraduate and postgraduate students of CLASS are eligible to apply for the competition on either individual or group basis;
  2. For the Group Category, groups can be formed across Colleges/ Schools/ Departments on the condition that a minimum of 50% of the members in the group must be CLASS students and all members of the group must be at either undergraduate or postgraduate level;
  3. Major/Programme Leaders may nominate CLASS graduates who graduated in 2016/17 to participate in the competition. Guideline for group formation stated in point 2 shall apply.
Awards and Prizes
A maximum of eight awards will be given in the following categories:
Category Individual Prizes Group Prizes
Undergraduate Champion:
Certificate and $1,000 book coupons

Certificate and $500 book coupons
Certificate and $1,500 book coupons

Certificate and $1,000 book coupons
Postgraduate Champion:
Certificate and $1,000 book coupons

Certificate and $500 book coupons
Certificate and $1,500 book coupons

Certificate and $1,000 book coupons
Submission Procedures
  1. Applicants should complete Part I of the Application Form and all applicants within the group should sign the declaration;
  2. Completed application form should be submitted to the Major/Programme Leader or Minor/Research Degree Coordinator for endorsement (Part II of the application from) and onward submission to the College Office;
  3. For the Group Category, endorsement should be sought from respective Major/Programme Leader(s) or Minor/Research Degree Coordinator (s) of each group member before submission;
  4. Applicants should prepare a 3-minute video clip (in English) featuring the discovery and DEC outcomes of their project and upload it to YouTube;

    ** To protect the copyright of your own work, please make sure you set your video as an "Unlisted" file for uploading onto Youtube and please do NOT disclose the URL of your video to any third parties. **
  5. Applicants are required to submit the supporting materials/documents along with the completed application form to the College Office.
Intellectual Property (IP)

All entries to the competition must be original work. Applicants should abide by the CityU Intellectual Property Policy guidelines. Applicants will be disqualified for any willful act of infringement of intellectual property rights.

To help students understand more about intellectual property and patent issues, a video clip of an IP talk organized by the College and the Office of Education Development and Gateway Education (EDGE) in 2014 is available on the CLASS Awards Day website at . Students are encouraged to preview it for reference.

Submission Deadline

Completed application, including the following materials, must be submitted to the College Office (Room G7612, Academic 1) by 6 April 2018:

  • Completed application form;
  • Supporting materials/ documents of the project;
  • 3-minute video clip (in English) uploaded to YouTube.
Details and Enquiry

For any enquiries, please contact Ms Amanda Lam of the College Office at 3442 4342 or via email to