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Undergraduate Education

Curriculum Information Record
For Common Requirements  
For a Major/Degree  
For a Minor  
Department Course Syllabus / Gateway Education Course  
Student Development Services - Scholarship / Prize Nomination Form  
Application for taking prescribed course(s) for College Requirement  
Application for taking equivalent course(s) for College Requirement  
Application for late add/drop of College foundation courses  

Research and Postgraduate Education

Research Grants and Contracts Office (RO)
Download area for Grant Application Forms, Report Forms, Other Forms, Guidelines/Notes, Information on all Research Grant Schemes  
Capacity Building Grant
Application Form  
Human ethical review
[Notes: For applications which do not fall within the provisions of an expedited review track (Form A only), a full review track (Form A and Form B) is required.]
Application Form  
Expedited review (Form A)  
Full review (Form B)  
Other form / template (e.g. Consent form checklist)  
Curriculum Information Record
Curriculum Information Record for a Taught Postgraduate (CIR-TPG) [Template]
Curriculum Information Record for a Research Degree (CIR-RPG) [Template]
Course Syllabus (SYL) [Template / Sample]


Student Exchange Programme
Student Undertaking Form  
Student Exchange Scholarships for Outbound Exchange Students
Scholarship Nomination Form  
Student Consent Form  
Application for Reimbursement  


College Logo
Logo files
College Logo (Black and white)  
College Logo (CMYK) (for printing)  
College Logo (RGB, jpg) (for web)  
College Logo (RGB, png) (for web, transparent)  
Style Guide and Templates
College Logo Style Guide  
Internal Memo Template  

Quality Assurance

External Academic Advisor (EAA)
Nomination of External Academic Advisor  
Report on Expenses for Overseas EAA's Visit (UGC-funded only)  
Report on Expenses for Overseas EAA's Visit (both UGC-funded and self-financed)  
Departmental Advisory Committee
Nomination of chairperson  
Nomination of members