College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Luncheon forges closer ties with secondary schools

About 20 secondary school principals, career masters/mistresses and teachers participated in a luncheon hosted by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at CityU on 19 May 2017. The College management and faculty members of CLASS departments warmly received the guests and introduced the latest developments and achievements in CLASS. The luncheon has strengthened ties between the College and the secondary school sector.

In his welcoming remarks, Professor Xiaowei ZANG, Dean of CLASS, said “CityU has become a leading university in Hong Kong, Asia and the world as reflected in the University’s recent rankings. At CityU, people are important, and academic excellence and community engagement are pursued. CLASS particularly prides itself on excellence in teaching. I am very proud that two teachers of the College have been honoured with the University Grants Committee Teaching Award in recognition of their outstanding teaching performance. Many new internationally acclaimed academic faculties have joined our college in the past decade and have helped us to grow and achieve an excellent reputation worldwide”. Professor Zang looks forward to deeper collaboration between CLASS and secondary schools in future.

Photo 2: Prof Xiaowei Zang, Dean of CLASS, looks forward to deeper collaboration between the College and secondary schools.

Photo 3: Introducing CLASS programmes and activities by Dr Peppina Lee (top), Dr Elaine Au (bottom left) and Dr Cheung Chor-yung (bottom right).

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Curriculum) Dr Peppina LEE and Assistant Dean (Institutional Advancement) Dr Elaine AU gave an overview of the academic programmes and internationalisation initiatives serving learning and outreach activities in CLASS. Dr CHEUNG Chor-yung introduced a forthcoming seminar on undergraduate admissions to the guests. The school principals and teachers were impressed by the presentation, which helped them gain a deeper understanding of the College. They also enjoyed communicating with the faculty members and the elite student leaders of CLASS during the luncheon.

Photo 4: CLASS students happily meet with their secondary school principals at the luncheon. (Top) Dr Chu Kai-wing, Principal of CCC Heep Woh College, and Chester Tang; Mr Siu Chi-sun, Principal of Ho Fung College, and Katrina Ho.

Chester TANG Chi-kin, a Year Three student majoring in social work, was excited to meet with Dr CHU Kai-wing, Principal of CCC Heep Woh College, where he graduated. “I am very happy to see Principal Chu here at CityU”, said Chester. “The teachers and the social worker at my secondary school were very caring to the students, which motivated me to study social work to care about and serve young people”. Equally excited was Katrina HO Chui-yi, a Year Three student majoring in digital television and broadcasting, who met with Principal SIU Chi-sun of Ho Fung College at the luncheon. “I deeply thank my secondary school for giving me a good foundation on which I can further develop myself in the field I am really interested in”. The principals were delighted to see how well their graduates have progressed at CityU.

Photo 5: Guests enjoy an eye-opening campus tour.

A campus tour was organised after the luncheon. The participating teachers were impressed by the state-of-the-art teaching facilities at the Omnimedia Digital Newsroom, the 3D Virtual TV Studio and the Advertising Design and Shooting Studio in the Department of Media and Communication. They also visited the Japanese tearoom in the Department of Asian and International Studies, the first of its kind in the universities in Hong Kong.