College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Information Day helps secondary school students navigate university life

Hundreds of thousands of visitors packed the campus during the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) Information Day on 14 October 2017 to explore the professional education opportunities offered by CityU.
The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) and its departments organised exhibition booths, admissions talks, guided tours and workshops to provide visitors with up-to-date information on academic programmes and admission requirements in CLASS. The booths and many of the talks were well-received attracting a large crowd of prospective students and their parents who crammed the venues.


Professor Xiaowei ZANG, Dean of CLASS, visited the College and the departmental booths to show his support. He talked to colleagues and helpers at the booths and thanked them for their hard work devoted to the event.

Photo 2: Dean of CLASS thanks colleagues and helpers for their efforts in the event.

Professor Dennis WONG, Associate Dean (Student Life and Learning) of CLASS, greeted the visitors and introduced the broad-based, multidisciplinary and professionally oriented programmes offered by CLASS to the prospective students. “In our College, students have plenty of opportunities to go global through international exchanges, study-abroad programmes, cultural and language immersion, summer schools, community service as well as internships. Our excellent and innovative teachers are here to ignite and cultivate a passion for knowledge and discovery in students.” said Professor Wong. He advised the secondary school students to understand their personality and interests, stay focused on learning and make the right decision on university education.

Photo 3 (right): Associate Dean Professor Dennis Wong gives his advice to prospective students.

Elite student leaders of the College also participated in the event to share their learning and internationalisation experiences with the visitors.

In addition to the Information Day, CLASS departments endeavour to reach out to the secondary school students through various activities, including competitions, seminars, school talks, campus tours and publications tailored for prospective students who are interested in liberal arts and social sciences studies.

Photo 4: Elite student leaders of the College share their learning experiences with secondary school students.

Cover photo: The CLASS exhibition booths attract a large crowd of visitors.