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New book discusses different aspects of writing in workplace settings

Workplace Writing: Beyond the Text, the latest publication by Dr Stephen BREMNER, Associate Professor of the Department of English, draws together a wealth of research into different aspects of writing in workplace settings, creating a comprehensive picture of workplace writing and covering factors and activities that go far beyond the text. In a full analysis of the challenges facing the student writer transitioning from the academy to the workplace, this book:

  • covers topics ranging from intertextuality and collaborative writing practices to considerations of power and politeness, and the impact of organisational culture and processes of socialisation
  • brings together the multiple, often interlinked factors that surround and impact on the process of workplace writing and the texts produced in professional settings
  • takes a close look at the pedagogical implications of the various issues relating to workplace writing
  • serves as a resource for teachers who want to go beyond potentially simplistic accounts of writing in the workplace and to provide students with a richer picture of what happens there

Workplace Writing will be essential reading for any students, pre- and in-service teachers and researchers with an interest in professional and business discourse and language teaching for specific purposes.


Workplace Writing: Beyond the Text
By Dr Stephen Bremner
Associate Professor, Department of English
ISBN: 9781138193840
Published by Routledge, 2017