College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
CityU ranked first for GRF funding from Psychology and Linguistics Sub-Panel

Congratulations to the CLASS faculties that have been awarded General Research Fund (GRF) / Early Career Scheme (ECS) funding this year!

CityU ranked first for GRF funding from the Psychology and Linguistics Sub-Panel, one of four sub-panels of the Humanities and Social Sciences Panel, in terms of both the number of grants awarded and amount of funding allocated. In addition, CityU ranked third for both GRF and ECS funding from the Social and Behavioural Sciences Sub-Panel again in terms of both number of grants and amount of funding.

Administered by the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong, the majority of the annual Earmarked Research Grant under the GRF supports academic research projects favourably ranked by external reviewers. In contrast, ECS funding is intended to nurture junior academics and prepare them for careers in education and research. All proposals have to undergo a rigorous peer-review process conducted by the RGC’s five Subject Panels composed of international expert reviewers in various disciplines.