Taught Postgraduate - Program Leaders

Program Name Email
Department of Applied Social Sciences
MSocSc in Applied Psychology * Dr YE Shengquan Sam.Ye@cityu.edu.hk
MSocSc in Applied Sociology * Dr CHAN King-chi Chris kccchan@cityu.edu.hk
MSocSc in Counselling * Dr FUNG Lai Chu Annis annis.fung@cityu.edu.hk
MSocSc in Psychology of Education * Dr WU Keung Fai Joseph joseph.wu@cityu.edu.hk
Master of Social Work * Dr LEUNG Lai Ching sslc@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Asian and International Studies
MA in International Studies * Dr Justin ROBERTSON justin.robertson@cityu.edu.hk
MA in Modern Asian Studies * Prof LYNCH Daniel Christopher dclynch@cityu.edu.hk
MSocSc in Development Studies * Dr Toby CARROLL toby.carroll@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Chinese and History
MA in Chinese * Dr MA Ka Fai cima@cityu.edu.hk
Department of English
MA in English Studies * Dr Alice CHAN enalice@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Linguistics and Translation
MA in Language Studies * Dr Richard SHEUNG ctrsheun@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Media and Communication
MA in Communication and New Media * Dr Chris SHEN feishen@cityu.edu.hk
MA in Integrated Marketing Communication * Dr HE Zhou joe.he@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Public and Policy
MA in China Studies * Prof Ray YEP sarkmyep@cityu.edu.hk
MA in Housing Studies * Dr ZHANG Xiaoling xiaoling.zhang@cityu.edu.hk
MA in Public Policy and Management * Dr HSIEH Chih Wei cwhsieh@cityu.edu.hk
MA in Urban Management * Prof YIP Ngai Ming sayip@cityu.edu.hk
* Self-financed program