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Dr. Zhou Bing, Adjunct Professor visits Department of Media and Communication on 23-27 September

10 Sep 2013 (Tue)

Dr. Zhou Bing, one of the most influential documentary filmmakers in today’s China, and  Adjunct Professor in the Department of Media and Communication, will visit the department on 23-27 September.


Dr. Zhou will give a series of lectures for the students and the general public. He will have meetings with Prof. Xiaowei ZANG, the Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Social Science, University Librarian, Prof. Hsianghoo Steve, CHING, and Prof. Jan SERVAES, the Head of the Department of Media and Communication, to discuss the details of Dr. Zhou’s donation— the Chinese historical visual archives (from 1898 onwards) to the Department of Media and Communication.


Besides, Dr. Zhou will coach a group of MA students from the Department of Media and Communication to film a documentary series called “Family Album” to tell stories of Chinese common families. This documentary series is about to be completed by April 2014. Dr. Zhou would be involved in the whole filming process and give suggestions on post-editing.


The lectures Dr. Zhou would give are as follows. All are welcome:


  1. 4:00-6:00 pm, September 23: Transmission and Safeguarding of Chinese Cultural Heritage: A Presentation of Two Documentaries, CMC 5050
  2. 3:00-6:00 pm, September 24: The Art of Video Editing, CMC Media Lab 1
  3. 7:00- 9:00 pm, September 25: City Promotion through Documentary Stories, CMC 3090
  4. 9:00- 11:00 am, September 26: Visualization of Abstract Concept, CMC M 5055 
  5. 3:00-6:00 pm, September 26: Observing China through 100 Years of Film and TV Documentaries, AC2 3610


城市大學媒體與傳播系兼職教授,紀錄片導演周兵博士 9月23-27日在城大訪學



周兵將為媒體和傳播系的學生做系列講座,並和人文社會科學院院長 藏小偉教授,城市大學圖書館館長景祥祜教授以及媒體與傳播系主任 Jan Servaes教授見面並討論周兵博士中國歷史圖像檔案的捐贈適宜。






  1. 9月23日下午4:00-6:00 : 從紀錄片《下南洋》和《雪豹》談中國傳統文化的繼承和保持, CMC 5050
  2. 9月24日下午3:00-6:00 :畫面編輯的藝術, CMC Media Lab 1
  3. 9月25日下午7:00- 9:00 : 通過紀錄片進行城市形象設計和宣傳 CMC 3090
  4. 9月26日上午9:00- 11:00: 抽象概念的視覺化, CMC M 5055
  5. 9月26日下午3:00-6:00,: 通過一百年的影像資料觀察中國, AC2 3610