Summer Research Project

Each GCSP scholar has to complete a two-month summer research project/equivalent research project in order to fulfill the component of “Research Experience”. It can be an individual or a group project.

Composition of each group project

  • Maximum three students in each group.
    • Justifications for manpower needs have to be made by indicating workload of each member in the research proposal.
  • Each group can be comprised of students from different years, Departments, Schools/Colleges*.
  • The leader of each group must be a GCSP scholar.
    * Priority will be given to groups with more than 50% CSE students.


The College may provide subsidy to summer research project. Reimbursement after the successful completion of the project will apply.

  • Allowance per month per student (Maximum TWO months only).
  • Material subsidy per group (Justifications have to be made).
  • Additional resources will be provided to overseas project.
    • For overseas project in Mainland, 50% of the total travel expense or $2,000, whichever is lower will be subsidized.
    • For overseas project in any other places, 50% of the total travel expense or $4,000, whichever is lower will be subsidized.

Selection Criteria

  • The originality of the Research Project.
  • The alignment between the Research Project and the 14 Grand Challenges.
  • Multi-discipline topics addressing the Grand Challenges are recommended.

Outcome of each project

  • Complete a minimum of 120 hours of research for each project.
  • Approved by one or more GCSP mentors.
  • Submit a final report, a poster and a log book for recording research progress* to the Steering Committee by mid-September.
    * No allowance will be provided if students fail to submit a final report and a poster.
  • Selected projects will be presented in the Discovery and Innovation Gala.

Important Notes

  • GCSP scholars (Year 2 or above) have to submit a detailed proposal, a detailed curricular plan and/or a budget plan for the summer research project to the Steering Committee by early April.
  • Results for Stage Two application and summer research project subsidy will be announced in May.
  • The summer research project is expected to begin after the examination.
  • GCSP scholars have to contact their mentors before starting the research project, and should meet their mentors regularly during summer.