DEC Achievement

Embracing the University’s Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) to teaching and learning, the College strives to provide a quality learning and research environment for both the students and faculty members. We continue to emphasize on discovery, innovation, and knowledge transfer. Importantly, we help our students to develop an appetite for knowledge and ignite their passion for discovery. Throughout the years many of our students came out with remarkable success.

About DEC:

Best Poster Presentation Awards in CSE Discovery and Innovation Gala (2017)

Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE)
Name of student: LEUNG Wai Chung
Name of supervisor: Dr Denvid LAU

Department of Chemistry (CHEM) [formerly Department of Biology and Chemistry, name changed effective from 1 July 2017]
Names of students: Hoi Man LEUNG and Miu Shan CHAN
Name of supervisor: Dr Peggy LO

Department of Computer Science (CS)

Name of student: Ibrahim MOHAMMED
Name of supervisor: Dr Gehard Petrus HANCKE

Department of Electronic Engineering (EE)
Name of student: LO Ka Lok
Name of supervisor: Dr Ricky LAU

Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) [newly established department]
Name of student: IP Wing Shan
Name of supervisor: Dr C Y ZHI

Department of Mathematics (MA)
Name of students: WU YUe, WANG Zhongdi and HE Danyun
Name of supervisor: Dr ZHOU Xiang

Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering (MBE)
Names of students: CHEUNG Ching Man, KO Yan Tung and WU Pui Lai
Name of supervisor: Dr King LAI

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM)
Name of student: SIU Yu Shing
Name of supervisor: Dr Alan CHAN

Division of Building Science and Technology (BST)
Name of student: FUNG Tsun Wang
Name of supervisor: Dr Jackson KONG

 Exemplary Student DEC Works (2016-17)

Department Name of Student Name of Supervisor

Project Title

CHEM NG Wing Yi Dr CHEUNG Siu Gin Microplastics Pollution on Soft Shores in Hong Kong
CHEM CHEUNG Man Hin Prof LO Kam Wing Kenneth Luminescent Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Polypyridine Complexes as Novel Bioorthogonal Probes
EE YUE Baochuan Dr Rosa CHAN Kinematics of Guitarists
EE WONG Yiu Tin Samson Dr Ray CHEUNG Automating CityU Timetable for all University Students
EE CHAN Ting Yau Dr YUEN Shiu Yin Kelvin Improving Eyesight in Young Children through Habit Building using Computer
MA LI Chunlin Dr Junhui WANG Ordinal Regression with Reject Option
MA MA Xinyu, WANG Yuan and YAO Xi Dr ZHOU Xiang A Simple Statistical Analysis for Airfare Discount
MA HE Danyun, WANG Zhongdi and WU Yue Dr ZHOU Xiang Modeling Student Housing Rent in Hong Kong
MBE CHAN Cheuk Yin, Ronson LAM, LO Ha Yan, LO Kwok Cheung and YANG Ching Kit Curtis Dr Pakpong CHIRARATTANANON A Mobile Solar-powered Weather Monitoring Hexapod
MBE LAW Junhui, Muhammand Shahzain RIAZ and Jame Utama SURJADI Prof LI Wen Jung Wearable Micro-Scent Generator for 4D Virtual Reality Systems
MBE NG Lok Lam, HO Hei Chit and WONG Ting Prof SUN Dong New Intracellular Delivery Approach through Scratching using Single Cell Microfluidic Platform
MSE TANG Shing Kai Dr FAN Jun Voltage Driven Ordering Transition in [BMIm][CL] Coated Electric Double Layer Capacitor
MSE IP Wing Shan Dr ZHI Cunyi High Performance Yarn Battery for Energy Textiles
PHY LEUNG Sin Yi Prof K S CHAN Quantitative Relation between Firm Size, Return and Risk in Hong Kong Financial Market
PHY NG Ka Po Dr Condon LAU Effects of 2-butoeyethanol and dimenthylformamide on female mice brains
PHY KWOK Cheuk Kai Gary Prof YU Kin Man Band Gap Engineering in Semiconductors

CityU Discovery Festival 2018

  • Five exhibit posters in “Learning and Discovery @CityU”

    Department of Chemistry (CHEM)
    Name of student: NG Wing Yi
    Name of supervisor: Dr CHEUNG Siu Gin

    Department of Electronic Engineering (EE)
    Name of student: LO Wai Hin
    Name of supervisor: Dr YUEN Shiu Yin

    Department of Electronic Engineering (EE)
    Name of student: WONG Yiu Tin
    Name of supervisor: Dr CHEUNG Chak Chung

    Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering (MBE)
    Name of students: CHAN Cheuk Yin, Ronson LAM, LO Han Yan, LO Kwok Cheung and YANG Ching Kit
    Name of supervisor: Dr CHIRARATTANANON Pakpong

    Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering (MBE)
    Name of students: HO Hei Chit, NG Lok Lam and WONG Ting
    Name of supervisor: Prof SUN Dong
  • Best of the Best Awards 2017"



    Name of Student

    Project Title

    Best Business Idea


    LEUNG Chiu Yee
    LAM Wah Shing

    Twind Turbine

    Best Innovation




    Srinivas SIVAKUMAR
    Jayant Kumar V HARILELA
    Arisht JAIN
    Deepanshu KALRA

    Aid for Visually Impaired Bowlers

    Best Media Presentation


    Jayant Kumar V HARILELA
    Suhani BATWARA


    Best Social Impact



    KWONG Hau Shing
    LAM Nga Wai
    LAU Kam Hon
    CHUNG Wing LAM
    Asad RAZA

    Card Scanner for the Blind