A Smart Drunk Driving Detection Scheme 智能醉酒駕駛檢測方案

Smart City will be the key milestones of city and technology developments and bring an evolutionary change on human lifestyle. Smart transportation, as one of the Smart City applications, aims at providing a safe transportation as well as an efficient traffic management. Globally, more than 1.2 million people and more than 50 million people are dead and injured due to traffic accidents. The expenditure on these traffic accidents exceeds $500 billion US dollars, which is about 3% of the world’s GDP. The statistics revealed that drunk drivers are found in 40% of the total traffic accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to check the drivers’ status before they drive and keep monitoring during journey. As such, an electrocardiogram-based drunk driving detection scheme (ECG-DDD) is developed to avoid drunk-related traffic accidents. The ECG signals of normal and drunk status were analyzed and hence the classifier for drunk driving detection was developed. ECG-DDD is the first of its kind in the market which provides pre-warning to the drivers before they drive and offers a real-time monitoring on their statuses.