Foundational Digital Literacy Enabling Innovations for Grand Challenges

Background There is a global movement happening in the world to promote coding education in the primary, secondary to tertiary education sectors. However, students will need to first define the problem clearly, and the computational thinking process is involved before starting the coding process. Amongst the Grand challenges, STEM education plays a key component in the foundation of the solution finding process. In this talk series, the global movement will be introduced, followed by the introduction of different types of thinking process involved in building the foundational digital literacy for solving the grand challenges.
Objective(s) The talk aims to introduce basic concepts of computational thinking, creative thinking, critical thinking process with applications in modern society.
Programme Description The following would be introduced:
1. Formation of problems in computational thinking process
2. Application of AI, Robotics, Fintech, Blockchain, and Mobile Technology
3. Recent developments
Language Medium Cantonese Supplemented with English