Advance Health Informatics

Background Of the 14 NAE grand challenges, "advanced health informatics" highlights the importance of engineers and scientists in changing the face of how medicine will be practiced in future. Technologies in collecting and analysing "big data", from genomic to epidemiological, together with machine learning and other algorithms, will revolutionise disease diagnosis and treatment, as well as epidemic prediction and prevention. Meanwhile, advances in health informatics raise ethical challenges, as it will be possible, in near future, to deduce personal information such as facial features and disease predisposition from genomic data. Students should learn about the risks and opportunities arise from advanced health informatics, and prepare the brave new world awaiting in future.
1. To introduce the current development in advanced health informatics by using a number of examples, such as the 10,000 genomic project and "health map". 
2. To discuss the ethical issues associated with advanced health informatics.
Programme Description Short presentations from a CityU scientist and from an industry representative, followed by a discussion with the audience
Language Medium English