About Us


The College of Science and Engineering (CSE) benefits from an exceptional combination of integrated science and engineering facilities that enables it to bring innovative skills to teaching, learning and research.

Through the full cooperation of the various science and engineering units, the CSE achieves and maintains an interdisciplinary world that facilitates a high-standard learning environment.

The CSE is proud of the quality of its faculty, featuring local and overseas professors from all parts of the world. Numbered among the best available in terms of their qualifications and experience, these professors are dedicated to moulding a bright future for their students.

College Profile

Number of faculty members: (as of Oct 2016)
Academic and Teaching Staff 330
Visiting staff 8
Research staff 425
Number of students: (as of Nov 2016)
Research degree 965
Taught Postgraduate / Professional Doctorate 624
Undergraduate 4248
Associate degree 903
Number of academic units: 10
Number of programmes: (in 2015/16)
Taught postgraduate / Professional Doctorate 17
Undergraduate 23
Associate degree 4
Number of State Key Laboratories: 2
Number of Chinese National Engineering Research Center: 1
Number of Joint Laboratories with the Chinese Academy of Sciences 2
Number of Research Centres: 13