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Programme Fee

The programme fee covers airfare, accommodation, course fee, IELTS examination fee and some of the programme activity expenses.  It also covers the meal costs partially. General daily expenses, data plan and local transportation are not included in the programme fee. They are to be borne by students separately.
Caution Money

Students need to pay a caution money of HKD8,000. It is non-transferable and does NOT form any portion of the programme fee. It will be returned to students only after students' successful completion of the programme. Students who withdraw at any time for any reason will NOT get any refund. If additional cost is incurred after full payment, e.g. change in exchange rate or rise of fuel cost, the additional cost will be deducted from the caution money.

The programme activities of CALIS include all the meetings and workshops, the pre-departure briefing, all the scheduled classes and activities in the UK and the post-CALIS debriefing and review meeting. Students are required to attend all the above-mentioned activities. Absent from any activity/class or failure to submit any assignment may result in the forfeiture of the caution money in part or in full.