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Briefing Sessions:
13 Nov 2017      1100        LT-12
14 Nov 2017      1400        P4701
16 Nov 2017      1400        P4701
17 Nov 2017      1600        G5-217


 Content of all briefing sessions are the same.

29 Dec 2017
(9:00 AM)
Application Deadline Hardcopy to Dropbox at Room 4A, 4/F Block 1, To Yuen Building
Week1-2, Sem B Interview Departments and interview panels have full discretion with regard to the interview arrangement and student assessment/nomination. 
Week 4 Announcement of Results  
Week 6 Payment of Airfare Airfare: ~$10,000
Week 7 First Meeting Compulsory: Exact date to be confirmed
Week 8 Payment of Caution Money Caution money: $8,000 (to be returned in Sept after full completion of CALIS)
31 Mar Submission of Project Topic  Compulsory
Week 12 Final Payment Students' 40% of programme fee LESS airfare
30 Apr Submission of 2-page summary on project Compulsory
May Announcement of Host Family Assignment  
21 May

Pre-departure Workshop (London group and Edinburgh group)
Venue: LT-16, YEUNG

21 May

Final Briefing
14:30-1600 (London group)
Venue: P4704, YEUNG

1 Jun

Final Briefing
1600 (Edinburgh group with BST group)
Venue: G7410, YEUNG



23 May
30 Jun

Departure Date

London Group
Edinburgh Group


Group departure is a MUST


25 Jun
30 Jul

Return Date

London Group
Edinburgh Group 


Staying behind is NOT allowed


27 Jun
2 Aug

Final presentation

London Group
Edinburgh Group