The Co-operative Education Centre (Co-op Centre) was set up by College of Science and Engineering (the College) to provide students with a variety of learning experiences so that they can take on a global perspective, tap into their potentials and stretch beyond their limits.

We offer semester-based academic exchange programmes as well as summer term and yearly internship schemes, both local and overseas, to broaden students’ horizons and enhance their personal and career development.  Students can also join the 4-week Cultural and Language Immersion Scheme (CALIS) to experience life in a foreign culture.  We are proud to have built up an extensive network in HK and abroad, in academic circles and in industry.

The Co-op Centre works closely with local industry, aiming to foster research collaboration between the College and industry as well as assisting students in terms of career advising.  We treasure the relationship with our industrial partners very much, and are keen to work alongside with them for the benefit of the students and society at large.