Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. If my GPA is lower than 2.5, can I still have any chance to get a CES offer?
    Selection is based on students' attitude, team-building ability, initiatives, social maturity and commitment towards completing the scheme. Academic performance serves as reference only.
  2. If I am on Exchange Program now, can I still apply?
    YES, you can submit your online application by the same procedures & in HK time. However, please note that (i) you may not be able to attend any company interview until after your return; and (ii) you may need to take heavy study load during CES.
  3. What is the main duty in the company? Only doing my FYP?
    FYP + routine work
    (Student is required to undertake an industry-based project in a selected area relevant to their major study) + (Company will assign duties for students to gain relevant and meaningful industrial experience through their day-to-day work).
  4. Must I conduct FYP at the training company?
    Yes. Nonetheless, flexible arrangement can be made if you can demonstrate that you’ll be able to complete your FYP before CES commences.
  5. How many days of release do we have? Is it 4-day work for CES placement?
    CES placement ≠ 4-day work. You are released for at most ONE day per week to attend class at CityU during term time. During term breaks, you are required to work at the training company like any normal company staff.
  6. I still have many credits to complete before graduation. Can I apply for CES?
    We expect you to carry no more than 5 courses to Year 4 and to take at most 2 courses in each semester. The remaining course can be taken during Year 4 summer semester or even after.
  7. Can I apply for reduced load as my non-CES counterparts?
    The final decision rests with your Parent Department and according to University guidelines. Please check with your Department first before you start CES.