Information for Participants

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Emergency Contacts

  • SDS Counselling Service Hotline: 3442-8478 / 3442-8090
  • SDS Counselling Email:
Name Tel. no. Email
Mr Silas Foo 3442-6182 (O)
6446-3259 (M)
(86) 1501-2525381 (M)
Email address
Mr Francis Yip 3442-6177 (O)
9809-0516 (M)
(86) 1501-2525382 (M)
Email address
Ms Calenina Yu 3442-6180 Email address

Students should inform the above CEC staff the soonest possible should any problems or irregularities arise.

Schedule of Supervisory Visits

Refer to Work Schedule


Objectives of Supervisory Visit:

  • 1st visit:
    • see whether students adapt to work environment, especially for students who are working in PRC
    • pursue a training plan or a small project if not yet available
    • seek initial comment from both mentor and students about each other
    • identify support from CityU if required and make suggestion for improvement where necessary
  • 2nd visit:
    • review and assess the progress of the training plan in the form of telephone interview or email communication or on-site visit whichever way deemed appropriate
    • make suggestions for improvement where necessary
    • seek comments from both mentor and students about each other
    • whether problems raised at 1st visit have been solved
    • any further support required
  • Final visit :
    • overall discussion about the training
    • assess the final presentation of students as part of the final assessment
    • thank and present souvenirs to companies

Notes for Students:

  • Students should help coordinate the supervisory visits, especially those conducted in HK, and seek Co-op Centre for assistance if such visits cannot be arranged as scheduled.
  • Please complete the log book on time and submit to respective supervisors for review and signature during the visits and upon completion of the IAS.


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Rules and Regulations

  1. General Behaviour
    Students MUST observe the rules and regulations (in particular, those relating to safety and security) of the company. They MUST also comply with the instructions and orders of their supervisor(s), mentor(s) and such staff members of the company as the job requires. Any violation of rules and regulations will be reported in the student’s training record and may lead to failure of the training.

    Students MUST observe the office hours of the company and pay particular attention to punctuality.

    Students MUST behave appropriately as students of City University of Hong Kong and as other employees of the company.

    Students MUST observe and comply with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the People’s Republic of China or the country in which the training is conducted, as deemed appropriate
  2. Safety
    Students MUST take care of themselves during and after office hours. Students posted to manufacturing plants in China are strongly advised NOT to leave the factory building or dormitory on their own especially at night. Students should notify their mentor or colleagues AND group leader before they leave the factory or dormitory. If they want to hire a taxi, they are advised to call for it via the training company or colleagues, if possible. They should also make use of the transportation provided by the company as far as possible.
  3. Leave Application
    Leave application is NOT encouraged. If students need to take leave during the training period for special reasons, they should complete the Leave Application Form and:
    1. submit to the company mentor for initial endorsement;
    2. submit to CEC for approval;
    3. seek final approval from the Human Resources Department of the company via CEC.

      Leave Type Point to note
      Sick Leave Medical certificate required for any duration
      Personal Leave Valid reasons must be provided Applications must be made well in advance to company mentor and CEC
      Leave for other non-compulsory exams (e.g. IELTS, CRE), courses, interviews Will not be granted
      • Training companies reserve the right to require students to work extra days/ hours to compensate for the leave taken.
      • Absence from work without proper leave application will be treated as a serious offence. Disciplinary action will be taken.
  4. Public Holidays
    Students posted to Mainland China / overseas should note that the public holidays of Hong Kong and Mainland China / overseas are different. Please check the public holidays, if any, with the training company.

Reminder List for Students Travelling outside HK territories

  1. Leave your contact numbers: mobile phone, CEC, training company, with your family for emergency contacts.
  2. Make photocopies of your HKID card and travelling document, one set to be kept with your family and one set separately from your wallet, perhaps in the factory or in your luggage. It will speed up the re-application process in case of loss.
  3. If emergency medical treatment is needed, please seek immediate assistance from your training company and inform Co-op Centre the soonest possible, so that the Centre can make appropriate arrangement.
    DO NOT attempt to return to HK without the escort of company staff or CEC staff, or in public transport. Please keep all the original receipts of your medical expenses for making insurance claims upon your return to HK.
  4. Check the validity of your travelling document again and always keep it in a safe place.