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The Co-operative Education Scheme (CES) is a placement programme for final year students. It begins in September and lasts for a period of 8-12 months. The CES comprises two components: final year project and industrial placement. The former is a graduation requirement. The training company is expected to provide appropriate technical support and allow students reasonable time to work on it. The placement component involves day-to-day work to familiarize students with the operation practices of the industry. During the training period, students take courses on a day-release basis for no more than one day per week. The distinct feature of the CES is that upon conclusion of the scheme, students are immediately available to continue employment with the host companies.

Content and Structure

Project component: students shall undertake an industry-based project at the host company, which is also their Final Year Project.

Industrial placement component: students gain relevant industrial experience through day-to-day work.

Support from industry

CES is widely supported by local industries who generously offer a variety of training opportunities to the students who can choose to work in HK and the Pearl River Delta. When recruiting an intern, the host company is expected to:

  • provide a training relevant to the student’s major study;
  • assign an industry-based project for the student who will take it as a Final Year Project;
  • allow a day-release of not more than one day per week for students to take coursework at CityU (only during term time);
  • provide a training scholarship to the student;
  • assign a company mentor to co-supervise the student with a CityU supervisor;
  • provide lodging, meal and free transportation between factory and dormitory/border checks for students posted to Mainland China

Interested companies can register using the link "Training Company Registration".

Student level and discipline

Students joining CES are in their final year from the following departments:

  • Electronic Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
  • Physics and Materials Science
  • Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Interested students should submit their application in March (Sept Batch) and must complete the pre-attachment training before the commencement of the scheme.