Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. What are the criteria and requirements if I want to bring in an IAS company and job post?
    You need to ensure that the company understands our IAS requirements of (i) job relevance to major study; (ii) joint supervision; (iii) 2-3 supervisory visits in summer; (iv) agreement signed with CEC as a proof of student intern status. You should inform Co-op Centre no later than the specified deadline shown in the "Work Schedule".
  2. If I will attend academic exchange programme in Semester B, can I still apply?
    YES, you can submit your online application using the same procedure & in HK time. However, as you cannot attend the interview, the chance of getting accepted by your preferred companies will be lower when compared with other students. You must return to HK by mid-May to attend the final briefing and workshop which are compulsory.
  3. If I fail my first interview, will I have a second chance?
    Yes, if you are keen to go for IAS, you will need to inform Co-op Centre of your next choice after you failed an interview. If you do not approach us, we will not proceed with your application. However, if we receive complaints from the company about your improper behaviour in the course of an interview, we will also terminate your application.
  4. What are the selection criteria of the Outstanding IAS Award?
    Students will need to demonstrate outstanding overall performance during the IAS and be able to deliver excellent quality output at the host company. The Award is to be nominated by the CityU Supervisor and Company Mentor at the end of the training.
  5. Can I take any programme required course during summer in parallel with IAS?
    NO, you cannot take any pre-summer course as its course/examination duration will cut into the IAS training period. Students working in HK may take evening courses ONLY IF the class time does not affect your work hours. If your training company requires you to work on Saturday, you cannot take Saturday courses.
  6. What should I do if the IAS company wants to extend my training to CES?
    Please let the Co-op Centre know of the company intention the soonest possible and no later than mid-July. Before that, you need to check with the company to see if they can offer an industrial project with sufficient academic contents to fulfil your Final Year Project requirement.
  7. Will the FS4002 affect my GPA calculation?
    FS4002 is a 3 CU course on Pass/Fail basis. Failure of the course will affect your SGPA and CGPA.