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FS4005 Overseas Internship Scheme

Students accepting the OIS offer will be registered on a 3-CU course FS4005 Overseas Internship Scheme by Co-op Centre in summer. EE students will use OIS to fulfil Engineering Training II and registration will be done by EE Department. ACE students (except Architectural Studies and Surveying) will be registered on CA 3504 by ACE Departmrnt. The status of FS4005 in a programme major or how each major recognizes it depends on the major requirements. Any related queries should be directed to Department.

Please note that the maximum number of credit units permitted for a degree is as follows:

4-year degree: 144 credit units
Advanced Standing I: 114 credit units
Advanced Standing II: 84 credit units

Students are not allowed to exceed the maximum credit limit. If you are about to exceed it, you should seek advice from Co-op Centre and Department first before you apply.

For any queries on this issue, please check with Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO) for the academic regulations and Department.