Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1.      Can I bring in my OIS host company?
Self-initiated OIS will not be processed.

2.      I will attend academic exchange overseas in Semester A/B, can I apply for OIS?
Yes, you can apply for OIS online. If you are not in HK at the time of interview, skype interview may be arranged for you.  It is your responsibility to apply for visa, make arrangement for your flight and accommodation booking etc on time. You need to make yourself available for attending the required PAT activities in the end of May. If your Sem B overseas exchange ends in mid-June, you should not apply for OIS.

3.     Can I withdraw from OIS after application?
You should have made careful consideration before you submit an application.  We do not expect you to withdraw.  If you are given an offer, you will be given 3 days to consider whether you will accept it.  Once you have accepted the offer, by signing an Acceptance of Offer, you will not be allowed to withdraw.  Withdrawal at this late stage will result in serious consequences, including failure of the internship and the course it contributes to.

4.      If I fail my OIS application, can I still go for IAS? What will be the timing?
Yes, you may apply for IAS in March. Unsuccessful OIS applicants will be informed the soonest possible and you may choose to go for IAS. The IAS team of the Co-op Centre will start processing your IAS interview. Other failure cases of OIS will be reported to the IAS team.

5.     What visa do I need in order to work as an intern overseas?
Different countries have different immigration laws. You need to check with their consulate offices in HK for details and apply for the correct visa type in good time.

6.     Where will I live during my internship abroad?
It varies. Some students live in University hostels or guest houses. Others need to rent or share a room near the campus or workplace. Be prepared that the living condition may not be the same as that in HK. 
You need to be flexible.

7.     How much money do I need to prepare?
It can range from a few thousand HK dollars (for Asia) to twenty thousand (for North America or Europe), which includes the airfare, accommodation and living expenses. Nonetheless, individual cases do vary depending on your own choice of living mode.

8.     Can I plan my trip earlier, i.e. arriving before training starts or staying behind after the internship?
Yes, you may, and you should plan and purchase air-tickets on your own.  If more than one student is going to the same host, you should arrive together.  You cannot adjust your internship schedule on your own to fit your personal travel schedule. Any change in internship schedule can ONLY be processed by Co-op Centre. You also need to provide your flight itinerary and you have the responsibility to return HK and attend the final presentation and debriefing sessions as scheduled. We will not accept any reasons for absence.

9.     When will I receive the OIS funding support?
The subsidy will be issued in two separate settlements: upon student’s successful visa application and upon full completion of the OIS.  The timing is around mid-May and late-October.  If you fail to report duty for OIS or fail to complete it, the Co-op Centre will not issue the second settlement and you will need to return the first subsidy payment in full to the Centre. “Completion” refers to: (i) finishing the internship as scheduled; (ii) attending all the final presentations and debriefing sessions; and (iii) submitting all the required reports and assignments to Co-op Centre; and (iv) receiving an overall Pass grade from both the host and the Cityu Supervisor.