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General Information

Funding Support 

College will grant a fixed subsidy to finance students' airfare and accommodation expense partially. Students are expected to pay $5,000 - $20,000 extra for the trip. This range is only an estimation based on previous experience. Normally, universities or research institutes do not offer any training allowance. If students are provided with airfare, accommodation and/or training allowance, the College subsidy will be drastically deducted.

Visa Application

Students should be responsible for their own visa application. They need to check with the consulate of the host country and bear the full cost. The Centre will assist in providing letters of certification where necessary. Before application, students should also check the expiry date of their passport. Normally, a six-month expiry period at the time of travelling is required. Students need to take this into consideration and ensure that proper travelling documents can be obtained.

Travel Arrangements

Students should purchase air-tickets on their own and be responsible for their travel arrangements. Arriving ahead of time is recommended to ensure better preparation. Students attending training at the same host institution/ company should arrive together.


Where possible, the Centre will seek assistance from partner institutions/companies to arrange for appropriate accommodation. In most instances, students need to look for accommodation on their own. In the past, students have resided in university hostels, guest houses, homestay families or residences they found on their own.



Students are strongly advised to purchase sufficient insurance coverage on their own. Some universities, especially those located in USA, require students to purchase their univeristy insurance policy. If so, please follow accordingly. 

Students are also covered by a Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPAI) and a Group Travelling Insurance (GTI). However, they can only be effective if students depart from HK to the host. Details can be found on the webpage of Finance Office. If students arrive much earlier or stay behind for self-arranged activities, they should purchase their own insurance policies.

Group Personal Accident Insurance
Policy number: 93088142-GPA

Group Travel Insurance 
Policy number: 92583482-GBT
24 Hour Hotline: (852) 3122 8800

Whilst City University of Hong Kong will provide an insurance package for students, the University will not be liable in any way for any accidents, legal offenses or damages incurred or suffered, as appropriate, by the students during the period of the industrial attachment.

In case of claims, please contact Ms Maidie Lo (3442-9148) of Co-op Centre.


Rules and Regulations

  1. Students MUST observe the rules and regulations (in particular, those relating to safety and security) of the company/institution. They MUST also comply with the instructions and orders of their supervisor(s)/mentor(s) and such staff members of the company/institution as the job requires. Any violation of rules and regulations will be reported in the student’s training record and may lead to failure of the training.
  2. Students MUST observe the office hours of the company/institution and pay particular attention to punctuality.
  3. Students MUST behave appropriately as students of City University of Hong Kong and as employees of the company/institution.
  4. Students MUST observe and comply with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the country in which the training is conducted, as deemed appropriate. 
  5. Students working overseas should note that the public holidays of Hong Kong do not apply to overseas work sites.
  6. No personal leave is allowed during the training period. If students need to take sick leave, they should inform their company/institution supervisor and see the doctor. Medical certificate is required for any duration. Students must send the medical certificate to their supervisor and Co-op Centre on the day when they resume work in office.

Safety and Emergency

  1. Check the validity of your traveling document(s) before making your trip.
  2. Leave the contact numbers: mobile phone, Co-op Centre, training company/institution, with your family for emergency contacts.
  3. Keep a softcopy of your HKID card and travelling document(s) with you. It will speed up the re-application process in case of loss.
  4.  Always keep your traveling document(s) and belongings in a safe place.
  5. Take care of yourselves during and after office hours. Students are strongly advised NOT to leave their dormitory/apartment on their own especially at night.
  6. If emergency medical treatment is needed, please seek immediate assistance from your training company/institution the soonest possible for making appropriate arrangement. Please keep all the original receipts of your medical expenses for making insurance claims upon your return to Hong Kong. 

Emergency Contacts

Name Tel. no. Email
Ms Maidie Lo
Executive Officer
852 3442-9148 (O) Email address
Miss Wayne Li
Clerical Officer
852 3442-7735 (O) Email address

 Students should inform the above Co-op staff the soonest possible should any problems or irregularities arise.

  • SDS Counselling Service Hotline: 3442-8478 / 3442-8090
  • SDS Counselling Email:
  • Co-op Centre Fax: (852) 3442-0106