Fellows Conferred by Esteemed Societies

AVS, Fellow

Professor Paul Chu (2006)
Professor Stella Pang (1999)

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow

Professor István T. Horváth (2016)
Professor Alex Jen (2005)
Professor X L
 Wang (2017)

American Chemical Society, Fellow

Professor István T. Horváth (2014)
Professor Alex Jen (2011)

American Mathematical Society, Fellow

Professor Philippe G Ciarlet (2012)

American Physical Society, Fellow

Professor Paul Chu (2008)
Professor X L Wang (2010)

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Fellow

Professor C W Lim (2013)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Fellow

Professor C W Lim (2014)
Dr Peter Tse

American Society for Quality, Fellow

Dr K S Chin (2007)

Electromagnetics Academy, Fellow

Professor Andrey Rogach (2014)

Hong Kong Institution of Science, Founding Fellow/ Fellow

Professor Philippe G Ciarlet (2011)
Professor Kuo Way (2011)
Professor Roderick S C Wong (2009)

IEEE Fellows

Professor C H Chan (2002)
Professor Y C Chan (2004)
Professor Ron Chen (1997)
Professor Chen Jie (2007)
Professor Paul Chu (2003)
Professor Henry Chung (2016)
Professor Gary Feng (2009)
Professor Daniel Ho (2017)
Professor Jia Xiaohua (2013)
Professor Kuo Way (1992)
Professor Sam Kwong (2014)
Professor K W Leung (2011)
Professor H X Li (2011)
Professor Li Ping (2010)
Professor Li Wen Jung (2011)
Professor K M Luk (2003)
Professor K F Man (2009)
Professor Stella Pang (1999)
Professor H C So (2015)
Professor Sun Dong (2015)
Professor Wang Jun (2007)
Professor Xie Min (2006)
Professor Xue Quan (2011)
Professor Hong Yan (2006)
Professor Zhang Qingfu (2017)
Professor Moshe Zukerman (2007)

International Association for Pattern Recognition, Fellow

Professor Horace Ip (2004)
Professor Wang Jun (2012)
Professor Hong Yan (2000)

International Chinese Association for Computational Mechanics, Fellow

Professor Jane Lu (2011)

SPIE, Fellow

Professor Alex Jen (2006)

Materials Research Society, Fellow

Professor Paul Chu (2013)
Professor Alex Jen (2012)

The Optical Society of America, Fellow

Professor K S Chiang (2002)
Professor Alex Jen (2008)

Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering Division, Fellow

Professor Alex Jen (2009)

Society of Biology, Fellow

Professor Nora Tam (2006)

Society for Experimental Mechanics, Fellow

Professor C T Liu (2003)
Professor Jian Lu (2010)

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Fellow

Professor Philippe G Ciarlet (2009)

The World Academy of Sciences, Fellow

Professor Ron Chen (2015)