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Admission Arrangements in 2019
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 Admission Arrangements in 2019

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) students may apply for admission to the first year of a degree programme. For Departments offering one major only as specified below, students are admitted directly to the major in the first year. For other Departments, students are admitted with an undeclared major and will enter a major after one year of study.


Direct Admission to a Major




JS1202 BSc - Chemistry Dept of Chemistry


BSc - Computer Science Dept of Computer Science


BSc - Computing Mathematics Dept of Mathematics
JS1208 BSc - Applied Physics Dept of Physics
JS1210 BEng - Materials Science and Engineering Dept of Materials Science and Engineering
JS1211 BEng - Biomedical Engineering Dept of Biomedical Engineering


Admission to a Department with an Undeclared Major (enter major after one year of study)



Major Allocation after One Year of Study

Major Options


Dept of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Top 40% of students - free choice of majors

Based on:

(i) cumulative grade point average (CGPA) at the end of Semester B;

(ii) no failed grades in any courses in Semesters A and B; and

(iii) completion of at least 30 credit units in Semesters A and B, including the number of credit units specified by the College of Science & Engineering/ respective Home Department for its required courses.


Other 60% of students - 

subject to availability of places and the selection criteria set by the Dept

BEng - Architectural Engineering

BEng - Civil Engineering

BSc - Surveying


Dept of Electronic Engineering

BEng - Computer and Data Engineering

BEng - Electronic and Communication Engineering

BEng - Information Engineering


Dept of Mechanical Engineering

BEng - Mechanical Engineering

BEng - Nuclear and Risk Engineering


First-Year Curriculum

Subject Area

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Units (CU)

Gateway Education (18 credit units)

English GE1401 &
GE2401 /

University English (3 CU) &
Discipline Specific English
     - English for Science (3 CU)
     - English for Engineering (3 CU)



EL0200A* & EL0200B

English for Academic Purposes 1
English for Academic Purposes 2

(for students whose entry qualification in English scoring Level 3 in HKDSE English Language or Grade E in HKALE AS-level Use of English, or as determined by English Language Centre)


College-specified Courses (Mathematics and Computing)

MA1200 /

Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra I /
Enhanced Calculus and Linear Algebra I


MA1201 /

Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra II /
Enhanced Calculus and Linear Algebra II

CS1102 /

Introduction to Computer Studies /
Introduction to Computer Programming^


GE Courses


Any GE Courses~


College Requirements (Science Courses) (6 credit units)

Choose two from the following three science courses:



General Physics I (3 CU)




Chemistry (3 CU)



Discovery in Biology (3 CU)

Courses specified by CSE depts (6 credit units)


Details to be provided by individual depts




~ GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy and GE courses from the distributional areas
^ CS1302 Introduction to Computer Programming will be offered subject to sufficient enrolments

English & Chinese Language Requirements

Students whose entry qualification in HKDSE Chinese Language/English Language is below Level 4 are required to take the following additional language courses:
(i) EL0200A English for Academic Purposes 1* and EL0200B English for Academic Purposes 2 (6 credit units#)
(ii) CHIN1001 University Chinese I (3 credit units#)

Early Exit Arrangement
Bachelor's degree students successfully completing EL0200A and EL0200B for a total of 6 credits will be considered to have achieved the minimum standard required for proceeding to the GE English courses. Students who have achieved a grade B or above in their overall course results for EL0200A will be permitted to exit the programme at this point. They will achieve 3 credits and also be considered to have satisfied the pre-requistie for entry to the GE English courses.

# The credits earned from taking EL0200A (3 credits) and/or EL0200B (3 credits)/CHIN1001 will not be counted towards the minimum credit units required for graduation and will not be included in the calculation of cumulative grade point average (CGPA). However, they will be counted towards the maximum credit units permitted.
For students whose entry qualifications in Chinese Language/English Language do not fall within those mentioned above:
(i) English Language Requirement: students who do not have Hong Kong public examinations results as specified above, the English Language Centre (ELC) will invite them to sit for an English Placement Test to determine whether they need to take the courses EL0200A and EL0200B. Students may, instead of taking the Test, provide an alternative English proficiency qualification (e.g. TOFEL or IELTS) for consideration by the ELC. A waiver from taking the EL0200A and EL0200B may be granted for students who have achieved the required English proficiency. For details, please visit the website of English Language Centre.
(ii) Chinese Language Requirement: students are not required to take additional Chinese course.

Other useful information

Potential applicants may consult the website of our Admissions Office ( for more information about the minimum entrance requirements, assessment of applications, interview arrangements of individual departments, and etc.

Tuition Fees

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