Scholarships and Awards

The College of Science and Engineering offers various scholarships and awards. Note that except for the applicants of Emergency Bursaries, Inbound Exchange Scholarships, all candidates shall be nominated by their programme departments and not required to submit applications.

College Medal

Objective: To give recognition to graduating students, local or non-local, with exceptional academic achievements (GGPA/CGPA 3.8 or above upon graduation) and all-round skills.
No. of Award: No more than one award each year. The awardee will receive a certificate and a cash award of HK$30,000. No award will be given if no suitable person is identified.
Selection: Selection will be based on academic excellence and demonstration of well-round personal qualities. Selection interviews are to be conducted by a panel appointed by the Dean. The Panel will make recommendations for the Dean's final decision.

Recipient in Year 2018:

  • LI Jiaoda, Dalles (Department of Electronic Engineering)
  • For the list of recipients from Year 2003 onwards, please click here.

Dean's List 

Where a student at the end of a semester has earned 12 credit units or more, achieved a GPA of 3.7 or greater, and not failed any course, he/she will be eligible to be placed on the Dean's List.

List of recipients in Year 2017/18 Semester A and Semester B, please click here.

Dean's Scholarships

Objective: To recognize outstanding full-time non-first-year students enrolled in undergraduate programmes of the College of Science and Engineering.
No. of Award: No more than five awards will be granted each year. The value of each award shall be HK$25,000.
Selection: Selection will be based on academic excellence, general knowledge about society, participation in extra-curricular activities/community services, presentation skills and analytical thinking.

Recipients in Year 2017/18:

  • CHAN, Yuen Yu (Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management)
  • MAO, Bowen (Department of Computer Science)
  • QIU, Rui (Department of Computer Science)
  • TSE, Joyce (Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering)
  • WANG, Bingchen (Department of Mathematics)

For the list of recipients from Year 2001/02 onwards, please click here.

Sports Awards


To recognize full-time undergraduate & postgraduate students who have outstanding sports achievements and satisfactory academic performance.

No. of Award:

No more than 8 awards will be granted each year. The value of each award shall be HK$5,000.


Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstration of outstanding sports performance and achievements in local or international competitions;
  • Proof of leadership and sportsmanship in the CityU / Science and Engineering College team(s); and
  • Having satisfactory academic performance with a CGPA of 2.3 or above.

 Emergency Bursaries


To financially support full-time undergraduate students who are in pecuniary difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances, such as death or unemployment of family members.


The bursaries shall be open for applications all year round. The Student Development Services will evaluate the eligibility of each application on a case-by-case basis.