CityU Outreach

About CUO

What is CityU Outreach (CUO)?

As part of City University of Hong Kong's (CityU's) vision for the future, CityU Outreach is an innovative institution-level initiative designed to bring more CityU scholars and their expertise in contact with partners in industry, government, NGOs and the local community to benefit society. This knowledge transfer (KT) is an integral component of CityU's mission to serve the society that supports it.

The Council of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) recently approved the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 (SP), 'Making a Difference through Excellence in Research and Professional Education', for the development of the University. The University Grants Committee (UGC) also endorsed our Academic Development Proposal 2016-19 (ADP).

From CityU Strategic Plan 2015-2020:

Deepen Discovery & Innovation in Professional Education
Action Plan
1.11 Launch a coordinated University-wide outreach programme to strengthen networks with industry, NGO and government to expand opportunities for work-related experience for our students and foster knowledge transfer activities. (p.26)
Enlarge Capacity for Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship
Action Plan
4.9 Enhance engagement with industry, government, business and other end-users of research to promote knowledge transfer and commercialisation. (p.30)

From Academic Development Proposal 2016–2019:

Effective Knowledge Transfer (Technological and Non-technological)
6.4 To better serve societal needs, we will launch a CityU Outreach (CUO) initiative to expand our KT activities. The CUO initiative will be shaped in part by our success with CUBIC (CityU Business and Industrial Club), which boasts more than 1,100 business and industrial members. With CUO, we will learn first-hand about issues of concern to Hong Kong's citizens through meetings with Hong Kong's government officials and with business and NGO leaders. We believe this will engage more staff and students in local KT activities, and particularly benefit staff new to Hong Kong. CityU staff will be better able to contribute their knowledge to our local society and integrate it into their academic activities in both technological and non-technological areas. (p.42)

Knowledge Transfer at CityU

A university is a place for knowledge generation, sharing and application. Through knowledge transfer (KT), CityU ensures that knowledge generated in campus, including technological and non-technological knowledge, is transmitted to society to enhance the community's social and economic wellbeing. At CityU, KT covers a wide range of activities including those that may not carry an explicit monetary value.

CUO provides a platform to encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations in research and KT. The resulting KT activities will be supported by the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) where appropriate.

CUO Aims

The objective of CUO is to bring more CityU researchers closer to individuals and organisations in our region so as to encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations in research and KT, thereby amplifying the University's contributions to society.

CUO Approach

As an institutional initiative, CUO is coordinated by the Office of the Provost (PRVT) in conjunction with academic units, KTO, the Human Resources Office (HRO), and the Communications and Public Relations Office (CPRO) to facilitate meetings between Hong Kong government officials, business and NGO leaders with staff and students of CityU.

To achieve multiple wins for diverse stakeholders, faculty members with mature projects/existing collaborations with external partners will be the ‘springboard' faculty to

  • share their outreach experiences with the CityU community
  • help connect CUO with external partners for holding CUO seminars and/or site visits