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GE1210 - Celebrities and Media: Contemporary issues in Hong Kong Popular CultureMedia

Part I

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Celebrities and Media: Contemporary issues in Hong Kong Popular CultureMedia
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2 - Study of Societies, Social and Business Organisations
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PILO 1:Demonstrate the capacity for self-directed learning
PILO 2:Explain the basic methodologies and techniques of inquiry of the arts and humanities, social sciences, business, and science and technology
PILO 3:Demonstrate critical thinking skills
PILO 4:Interpret information and numerical data
PILO 5:Produce structured, well-organised and fluent text
PILO 6:Demonstrate effective oral communication skills
PILO 7:Demonstrate an ability to work effectively in a team
PILO 8:Recognise important characteristics of their own culture(s) and at least one other culture, and their impact on global issues
PILO 9:Value ethical and socially responsible actions
PILO 10:Demonstrate the attitude and/or ability to accomplish discovery and/or innovation

Related Discovery-enriched Curriculum Aspect

B1, A1

Part II

  1. Abstract

    Media in Hong Kong are obsessed with stories about celebrities and scandals, which has serious implications for journalistic integrity, protection of privacy, and citizen trust in public life.  This course examines these issues from various perspectives. Starting with a sociological approach, students will first learn concepts and theoretical perspectives of celebrities and scandals as well as the processes of their production and distribution. The discussion will then turn to a psychological approach. Students will explore the uses and consequences of media representation of celebrities and scandals in terms of gratification, social learning, and framing and priming effects.  Finally, the course will take legal and ethical perspectives to address issues involving journalistic professionalism, social responsibility, and the decline of citizens’ trust in public institutions.
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