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GE1401 - University English - 大學英語

Part I

Course Title
University English (大學英語)
Course Code
Offering Department
Offering College/School
Distributional Area
University Requirements
No. of Credit Units
Medium of Instruction
Medium of Assessment
Related GE Programme Intended Learning Outcome
PILO 1:Demonstrate the capacity for self-directed learning
PILO 3:Demonstrate critical thinking skills
PILO 5:Produce structured, well-organised and fluent text
PILO 6:Demonstrate effective oral communication skills
PILO 7:Demonstrate an ability to work effectively in a team
PILO 10:Demonstrate the attitude and/or ability to accomplish discovery and/or innovation

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Part II

  1. Abstract

    This is a required English course for all students enrolled in the four-year curriculum. Students learn a variety of strategies for using English in critical and creative ways that are relevant to their studies at the University. The focus of the course is on rhetoric, the critical evaluation of English texts, logical reasoning and argumentation. Students work individually and in groups to produce a range of spoken and written texts, including analytical essays, debates and presentations.
  2. Course Aims

  3. Course Section

    CRN Section Semester Type Capacity Day Time Building Room Instructor
    3722937229T192013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-110 Ms. HO Mei Kei
    3723037230T122013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-408 Dr. SIU Fiona Kwai Peng
    3723137231T132013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-409 Mr. Sebastian Pearce BITTICKS
    3723237232T052013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon16:00-18:50 AC1 B5-121 Mr. TSE Kei Shun Gershom
    3723837238T082013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-109 Mr. MAK Mitchell Shing Nam
    3723937239T092013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri15:00-17:50 AC1 G5-215 Miss LAUW Swee Gim
    3724037240T102013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon16:00-18:50 AC1 Y5-407 Ms. Taline NICHANIAN
    3724137241T112013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri09:00-11:50 AC1 G5-215 Miss POON Yin Ting
    3724537245T212013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-110 Mr. Vincent Mark MEALING
    3724637246T152013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-408 Mr. Sebastian Pearce BITTICKS
    3724737247T162013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri12:00-14:50 AC1 B5-120 Mr. MAK Mitchell Shing Nam
    3724837248T172013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-411 Mr. MAK Mitchell Shing Nam
    3724937249T072013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri16:00-18:50 AC1 G4701 Miss Claire ROBERTS
    3725537255T202013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu15:00-17:50 AC1 B5-123 Ms. Taline NICHANIAN
    3933439334T062013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon16:00-18:50 AC1 G5-215 Dr. ZOU Di
    3933839338T142013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-111 Ms. LAI Yun Yau Hannah
    3935139351T242013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-107 Dr. James Walter ELLIS
    3935539355T252013-14 Sem ATutorial25Sat09:00-11:50 AC1 B5-118 Ms. Margaret Valerie WEBSTER
    3935639356T262013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-105 Ms. LAI Yun Yau Hannah
    3935739357T272013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-104 Mr. Anderson Finley MUTH
    3935839358T282013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-409 Mr. Anderson Finley MUTH
    3935939359T292013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-106 Ms. Margaret Valerie WEBSTER
    3936239362T302013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-102 Miss POON Yin Ting
    3936339363T312013-14 Sem ATutorial25Sat10:00-12:50 AC1 G4702 Mr. Ian Caldwell BABBITT
    3936439364T322013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri15:00-17:50 AC1 B5-123 Ms. Conny YAU
    3936539365T332013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-410 Ms. Conny YAU
    3936639366T342013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-102 Mr. Ian Caldwell BABBITT
    3936739367T352013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-104 Mr. Ian Caldwell BABBITT
    3936839368T362013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 B5-120 Dr. ZOU Di
    3936939369T372013-14 Sem ATutorial25Sat09:00-11:50 AC1 B5-115 Dr. Sureshika Dishani PIYASENA
    3937039370T382013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-203 Mr. Kevin Wayne ELLIOTT
    3937239372T392013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-107 Dr. Sureshika Dishani PIYASENA
    3937439374T402013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-106 Dr. SIU Fiona Kwai Peng
    3937639376T412013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-402 Dr. Sureshika Dishani PIYASENA
    3937739377T422013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri15:00-17:50 AC1 B5-120 Ms. Flora LEUNG
    3938039380T432013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-411 Mr. Jon MACKAY
    3938139381T442013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-104 Mr. Eric TINDALL
    3938239382T452013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 B5-123 Mr. Eric TINDALL
    3938339383T462013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-405 Miss Claire ROBERTS
    3938439384T472013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-110 Dr. Sureshika Dishani PIYASENA
    3938539385T482013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-411 Mr. Allan Chu Lim CHEUNG
    3938739387T492013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed09:00-11:50 AC3 6-212 Mr. Allan Chu Lim CHEUNG
    3938839388T502013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue16:00-18:50 AC1 Y5-406 Mr. Vincent Mark MEALING
    3938939389T512013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-405 Mr. Vincent Mark MEALING
    3939039390T522013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-105 Mr. HEBBLETHWAITE Mark
    3939139391T532013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed16:00-18:50 AC1 Y5-408 Dr. James Walter ELLIS
    3939339393T542013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-107 Mr. HEBBLETHWAITE Mark
    3939439394T552013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-411 Mr. HEBBLETHWAITE Mark
    3939539395T562013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-406 Dr. James Walter ELLIS
    3939639396T572013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-407 Ms. Flora LEUNG
    3939839398T582013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-108 Ms. Flora LEUNG
    3940039400T592013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-402 Mr. CHAN Yui Arthur
    3940139401T602013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-410 Mr. TSE Kei Shun Gershom
    3940239402T612013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-408 Mr. TSE Kei Shun Gershom
    3940339403T622013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue16:00-18:50 AC1 Y5-402 Ms. HO Mei Kei
    4097140971T012013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-406 Mr. Eric TINDALL
    4097340973T022013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-406 Mr. Anderson Finley MUTH
    4097440974T032013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-107 Ms. LAI Yun Yau Hannah
    4097540975T042013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-406 Mr. CHAN Yui Arthur
    4098040980T182013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-407 Mr. MAK Mitchell Shing Nam
    4098140981T222013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-111 Ms. HO Mei Kei
    4098240982T232013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri12:00-14:50 AC1 B5-416 Mr. CHAN Yui Arthur
    4134541345T632013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-105 Dr. James Walter ELLIS
    4134641346T642013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed16:00-18:50 AC1 Y5-409 Mr. Weith YUEN
    4134741347T652013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-408 Mr. Weith YUEN
    4134841348T662013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-111 Mr. Weith YUEN
    4134941349T672013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-110 Ms. Conny YAU
    4135041350T682013-14 Sem ATutorial25Wed09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-409 LIN Shuyang
    4135141351T692013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue16:00-18:50 AC1 Y5-405 Ms. Margaret Valerie WEBSTER
    4135241352T702013-14 Sem ATutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-402 Ms. Margaret Valerie WEBSTER
    4135341353T712013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-405 Ms. Taline NICHANIAN
    4135441354T722013-14 Sem ATutorial25Mon12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-111 Miss Claire ROBERTS
    4454844548T732013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri15:00-17:50 AC1 G5-216 Miss POON Yin Ting
    4454944549T742013-14 Sem ATutorial25Sat09:00-11:50 AC1 G5-216 Miss POON Yin Ting
    4455044550T752013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 G5-216 Dr. Daniel William RICHARDS
    4455144551T762013-14 Sem ATutorial25Thu15:00-17:50 AC1 G5-216 Dr. Daniel William RICHARDS
    4455244552T772013-14 Sem ATutorial25Fri09:00-11:50 AC1 G5-216 Dr. Daniel William RICHARDS
    4458144581T782013-14 Sem ATutorial25Sat09:00-11:50 AC1 G5-133 Dr. Daniel William RICHARDS
    3490834908T012013-14 Sem BTutorial7Wed15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-107 Miss LIM Vera
    3657136571T462013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-409 Mr. Matthew FLINTOFF
    3828138281T472013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-106 Mr. Matthew FLINTOFF
    3828238282T022013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-105 Miss LIM Vera
    3828338283T032013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-106 Dr. Matthew PEACOCK
    3828438284T042013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon16:00-18:50 AC1 Y5-411 Mr. TSE Kei Shun Gershom
    3828538285T052013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-102 Dr. ZOU Di
    3828638286T062013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu16:00-18:50 AC1 B5-416 Mr. Weith YUEN
    3828738287T072013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu12:00-14:50 AC1 B5-120 Mr. Weith YUEN
    3829138291T082013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-102 Ms. LAI Yun Yau Hannah
    3829238292T092013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-405 Mr. HEBBLETHWAITE Mark
    3829338293T102013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-107 Miss Cecil PENDERGRASS
    3829438294T112013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-104 Mr. Kevin Wayne ELLIOTT
    3829638296T482013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-107 Mr. GOH Cheng Fai
    3829738297T492013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-406 Mr. Eric Woodbury LAYMAN
    3829938299T122013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-409 Mr. GOH Cheng Fai
    3830038300T502013-14 Sem BTutorial25Fri09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-104 Ms. HO Mei Kei
    3830138301T512013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-107 Ms. Flora LEUNG
    3830238302T132013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-106 Ms. CHEUNG Anthea
    3830338303T142013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-410 Ms. Conny YAU
    3830438304T152013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed09:00-11:50 AC1 G5-129 Miss Cecil PENDERGRASS
    3830538305T522013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-411 Ms. Flora LEUNG
    3830638306T162013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue15:00-17:50 AC1 G5-129 Miss LI Ada
    3830738307T172013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon16:00-18:50 AC1 Y5-408 Mr. HEBBLETHWAITE Mark
    3830838308T182013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed16:00-18:50 AC1 G5-131 Miss LAUW Swee Gim
    3830938309T192013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu12:00-14:50 AC1 G5-134 Ms. Conny YAU
    3831138311T212013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu15:00-17:50 AC1 B5-122 Ms. WONG Siu Lahm Michelle
    3831238312T222013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 B5-123 Ms. WONG Siu Lahm Michelle
    3831338313T232013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-409 Mr. CHAN Yui Arthur
    3831438314T242013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-104 Mr. Anderson Finley MUTH
    3831738317T252013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-107 Mr. HEBBLETHWAITE Mark
    3831938319T262013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-406 Ms. Margaret Valerie WEBSTER
    3832038320T272013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-412 Miss CHAN Tsz Sum
    3832138321T282013-14 Sem BTutorial25Fri09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-106 Mr. Eric Woodbury LAYMAN
    3832438324T292013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu12:00-14:50 AC1 B5-123 Dr. SIU Fiona Kwai Peng
    3832638326T302013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-106 Mr. Weith YUEN
    3832738327T312013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu15:00-17:50 AC1 B5-121 Ms. CHEUNG Anthea
    3832938329T532013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-405 Ms. Flora LEUNG
    3833038330T322013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 B5-120 Mr. Allan Chu Lim CHEUNG
    3833138331T332013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC1 B5-123 Mr. Ian Caldwell BABBITT
    3833238332T342013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-106 Mr. Eric TINDALL
    3833438334T352013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-407 Ms. Conny YAU
    3833538335T362013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon16:00-18:50 AC1 Y5-407 Mr. MAK Mitchell Shing Nam
    3833638336T542013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-408 Mr. Ian Caldwell BABBITT
    3834238342T552013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-411 Miss LI Ada
    3834338343T372013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-111 Dr. SIU Fiona Kwai Peng
    3834438344T382013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-402 Dr. SIU Fiona Kwai Peng
    3834638346T392013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-102 Ms. CHEUNG Anthea
    3894938949T572013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-102 Ms. Miranda Jane O'HAGAN
    3895038950T402013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-411 Mr. MAK Mitchell Shing Nam
    3895138951T412013-14 Sem BTutorial25Fri15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-412 Dr. Sureshika Dishani PIYASENA
    3895238952T422013-14 Sem BTutorial25Fri09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-102 Dr. Sureshika Dishani PIYASENA
    3895338953T432013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC1 B5-121 Ms. Taline NICHANIAN
    3895538955T442013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-408 Miss CHAN Tsz Sum
    4024640246T452013-14 Sem BTutorial25Fri09:00-11:50 AC1 B5-123 Ms. CHAN Ka Lai
    4096740967T592013-14 Sem BTutorial25Thu12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-104 Miss LIM Vera
    4248742487TA12013-14 Sem BTutorial18Wed15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-107 Miss LIM Vera
    4254542545T602013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-410 Dr. Daniel William RICHARDS
    4254642546T612013-14 Sem BTutorial25Wed09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-102 Dr. Daniel William RICHARDS
    4254742547T622013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue15:00-17:50 AC1 Y5-106 Miss POON Yin Ting
    4254842548T632013-14 Sem BTutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC1 Y5-407 Miss POON Yin Ting
    4254942549T642013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-409 Dr. Daniel William RICHARDS
    4255042550T652013-14 Sem BTutorial25Mon12:00-14:50 AC1 Y5-410 Ms. Alicia BEALE
    1590215902T012013-14 SummerTutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC2 2407 Mr. Kevin Wayne ELLIOTT
       Tutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC2 2407 Mr. Kevin Wayne ELLIOTT
    1590315903T022013-14 SummerTutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC2 2409 Mr. HEBBLETHWAITE Mark
       Tutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC2 2409 Mr. HEBBLETHWAITE Mark
    1590415904T032013-14 SummerTutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC1 B2625 Dr. ZOU Di
       Tutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC1 B2625 Dr. ZOU Di
    1590515905T042013-14 SummerTutorial25Wed09:00-11:50 AC2 2407 Ms. LAI Yun Yau Hannah
       Tutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC2 2407 Ms. LAI Yun Yau Hannah
    1606016060T052013-14 SummerTutorial25Wed09:00-11:50 AC3 5-206 Mr. Vincent Mark MEALING
       Tutorial25Mon09:00-11:50 AC3 5-206 Mr. Vincent Mark MEALING
    1618016180T062013-14 SummerTutorial25Thu12:00-14:50 AC2 2407 Mr. Weith YUEN
       Tutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC2 2407 Mr. Weith YUEN
    1618116181T072013-14 SummerTutorial25Thu12:00-14:50 AC2 2409 Miss Cecil PENDERGRASS
       Tutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC2 2409 Miss Cecil PENDERGRASS
    1618216182T082013-14 SummerTutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC3 5-206 Dr. Daniel William RICHARDS
       Tutorial25Mon12:00-14:50 AC3 5-206 Dr. Daniel William RICHARDS
    1618316183T092013-14 SummerTutorial25Fri09:00-11:50 AC3 5-206 Mr. MAK Mitchell Shing Nam
       Tutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC3 5-206 Mr. MAK Mitchell Shing Nam
    1618416184T102013-14 SummerTutorial25Thu09:00-11:50 AC2 2411 Mr. Jon MACKAY
       Tutorial25Tue09:00-11:50 AC2 2411 Mr. Jon MACKAY
    1618516185T112013-14 SummerTutorial25Tue12:00-14:50 AC2 2411 Ms. HO Mei Kei
       Tutorial25Thu12:00-14:50 AC2 2411 Ms. HO Mei Kei
    1618616186T122013-14 SummerTutorial25Tue15:00-17:50 AC3 5-206 Miss POON Yin Ting
       Tutorial25Fri15:00-17:50 AC3 5-206 Miss POON Yin Ting
    1618716187T132013-14 SummerTutorial25Wed12:00-14:50 AC3 5-205 Ms. CHEUNG Anthea
       Tutorial25Fri12:00-14:50 AC3 5-205 Ms. CHEUNG Anthea
    1618816188T142013-14 SummerTutorial0Wed15:00-17:50 AC3 5-205 Ms. WONG Siu Lahm Michelle
       Tutorial0Fri15:00-17:50 AC3 5-205 Ms. WONG Siu Lahm Michelle
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