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GE2315 - Security and Privacy in the Information Age - 信息化時代的安全與隱私

Part I

Course Title
Security and Privacy in the Information Age (信息化時代的安全與隱私)
Course Code
Offering Department
Offering College/School
Distributional Area
3 - Science and Technology
No. of Credit Units
Medium of Instruction
Medium of Assessment
Related GE Programme Intended Learning Outcome
PILO 1:Demonstrate the capacity for self-directed learning
PILO 2:Explain the basic methodologies and techniques of inquiry of the arts and humanities, social sciences, business, and science and technology
PILO 3:Demonstrate critical thinking skills
PILO 4:Interpret information and numerical data
PILO 5:Produce structured, well-organised and fluent text
PILO 6:Demonstrate effective oral communication skills
PILO 7:Demonstrate an ability to work effectively in a team
PILO 9:Value ethical and socially responsible actions
PILO 10:Demonstrate the attitude and/or ability to accomplish discovery and/or innovation

Related Discovery-enriched Curriculum Aspect

B2, A2

Part II

  1. Abstract

    This course aims to explain to students the potential and actual security threats and privacy issues that they may encounter when surfing the Internet or transacting online. Students will also learn countermeasure techniques as well as basic practice and software tools that they can use to enhance their security protection and ensure their privacy. The course also provides students with a basic understanding of the related legal, ethical, and societal issues of security and privacy in the information age.
    Interactive learning activities in the form of group discussions, project presentations, and problem sets form important parts of the course.
  2. Course Aims

  3. Course Material Highlight

  4. Course Section

    CRN Section Semester Type Capacity Day Time Building Room Instructor
    4346943469C012015-16 Sem ALecture150Thu15:00-16:50 AMEN LT401 Dr. CHOW Chi Yin
    4347043470T012015-16 Sem ATutorial30Tue11:00-11:50 MMW 1411 Dr. CHOW Chi Yin
    4347143471T022015-16 Sem ATutorial30Tue10:00-10:50 MMW 1411 Dr. CHOW Chi Yin
    4347743477T032015-16 Sem ATutorial30Tue09:00-09:50 MMW 1411 Dr. CHOW Chi Yin
    4348043480T042015-16 Sem ATutorial30Mon10:00-10:50 MMW 1411 Dr. CHOW Chi Yin
    4348143481T052015-16 Sem ATutorial30Mon09:00-09:50 MMW 1411 Dr. CHOW Chi Yin
    4606146061C012015-16 Sem BLecture120Sat09:00-11:50 AC1 B2531 Dr. CAO Rui
       Lecture120Tue13:00-14:50 AC1 LT-18 Dr. LEE Ka Chun Kenneth
    4606246062T012015-16 Sem BTutorial30Fri11:00-11:50 MMW 1411 Dr. LEE Ka Chun Kenneth
    4606446064T022015-16 Sem BTutorial30Fri10:00-10:50 MMW 1411 Dr. LEE Ka Chun Kenneth
    4606546065T032015-16 Sem BTutorial30Thu12:00-12:50 MMW 1411 Dr. LEE Ka Chun Kenneth
    4606646066T042015-16 Sem BTutorial30Thu11:00-11:50 MMW 1411 Dr. LEE Ka Chun Kenneth
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