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Gateway education
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Course Name

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GE1119 Ethics for Professionals: An Interaction between Ethics and Professional Knowledge POL
GE1204 Living with the Unexpected and Unknown in Modern Society AC Dr Sai-on WONG
GE1205 Green Economics EF Dr Lawrence KHOO
GE1213 Environmental Crisis: Identifying Causes and Searching for Solutions SA Dr Wanxin LI
GE1218 Make a Difference: The Challenge of Social Entrepreneurship in a Globalized World POL Dr. CHANDRA Yanto
GE1225 Become a Smart and Responsible Consumer MKT Ms Wisteria CHEUNG, Mr Jeff WANG
GE1301 Climate Change and Extreme Weather SEE Dr Wen ZHOU
GE1303 Urban Life and Development BST Mr Kevin Kwok-keung YAP
GE1308 Energy: Today and Tomorrow SEE Dr Walid DAOUD, Dr Patrick LEE
GE1312 Infrastructure and People BST Mr Alan M L Fong
GE1323 Discovering the Living Environment: How Green Are You? CA Mr. KEUNG Chung Wai Calvin, Dr. YEUNG Kam Lan Daisy
GE1324 Smart Home: Green and Healthy Living Environment MBE Dr King LAI
GE1333 Low Carbon Footprint-Energy Saving Practices in Everyday Life ACE Dr Nadia CHOW
GE1337 Urban Green City: Pollution and Solution SEE Dr. LAM Yun Fat Nicky
GE1343 Energy Crisis and Renewable Energy ACE Dr Gongsheng HUANG, Prof. LEUNG Yee Tak Andrew
GE2110 Experiencing Our Built Environment: Appreciation of Contemporary Architecture ACE Dr Joseph Francis WONG
GE2204 Business Ethics and Society MGT Dr Long WANG
GE2206 Sustainable Cities for the 21th Century AIS Dr Taedong LEE
GE2220 Sustainable Business: Doing Good Business While Doing Good MKT Dr Wenyu DOU
GE2226 Ageing Society: Hong Kong and Beyond SS Dr Alice CHONG
GE2227 Preservation and Revitalization of Buildings with Heritage Value inside City Environments BST Mr Raymond WONG
GE2236 Understanding Energy - Environmental Policies MS Dr. CHUNG Siu Wai William
GE2240 Sustainable Development in China and its Global Impact MKT Dr. YANG Xiaojing
GE2301 Science and Technology: From Past to Future MBE Dr Bing-lam LUK
GE2303 Save the Earth: Sustainable Development CA Prof Andrew Yee-tak LEUNG
GE2306 Energy and Technology AP Prof Robert Kwok-yu LI
GE2310 Introduction to Kanyu for the Built Environment CA Prof. LEUNG Yee Tak Andrew
GE2311 Technology and Society BST Dr John LIN
GE2317 Integrating Green Energy into Society EE Prof Henry Shu-hung CHUNG
GE2321 Health, Safety and Environment MBE Dr. Alexandar DJORDJEVICH
GE2330 Smart and Sustainable City: A Liveable Future Through Technologies ACE Dr Xiaowei LUO
GE3203 Sustainable Development of Hong Kong SA Dr Han SHI
GE1339 Wireless Connectivity in Modern Society EE Dr. LEUNG Shu Hung
GE1340 Materials, Civilization and Modern Development MBE Prof. LIU Chain Tsuan
GE1341 Life and Health BCH Dr. WONG Chun Yuen Alex, Dr. CHEUNG Hon Yeung, Dr. SUN Hongyan
GE2245 Professions in Hong Kong and Beyond: Critical Insights and Issues POL
GE2246 Changing Our Society: Turning Social Problems into Business Opportunities POL
GE2325 Chemistry of Sustainable Life BCH Dr. LO Pik Kwan Peggy
GE2326 Probability in Action: From the Unfinished Game to the Modern World CS
GE2327 Green and Intelligent Buildings CA Prof. LEUNG Yee Tak Andrew
GE2328 Understanding and Improving Enterprises for Future Leaders SEEM Dr. NGAN Shing Chung Sherman
GE2329 Green Buildings: Discovery & Innovations BST Mr. FONG Ming Lun Alan, Dr. FONG Kwong Fai Square, Dr. CHOW Tin Tai, Dr. CHAN Lok Shun Apple,Mr. Lonnie CHEUNG, Mr. Peter WONG
GE1113 Visual Storytelling and Cultural Thinking SCM
GE4103 Technologies in Art, Science and Everyday Life SCM
Undergraduate programme & courses
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Contact Person

BSc in Environmental Science and Management BCH Dr Paul SHIN
BCH4039 Environmental Conservation and Resources Management BCH Dr Paul SHIN
BA in Environmental Policy POL Prof. WANG Xiaohu
POL2605 Research Methods for Environmental Policies POL Dr LI, Wanxin
POL3238 Introduction to Environmental Policy and Governance POL Dr LI, Wanxin
POL3239 Sustainable Development: Theory, Research & Policy POL Dr Maria Francesch-Huidobro
POL3240 Environmental Policy and Economics POL Dr SHI, Han
POL3242 Business and the Environment POL Dr SHI, Han
POL3325 Industrial Ecology POL Dr SHI, Han
BSc in  Energy Science and Engineering SEE Dr. Scott Victor VALENTINE
SEE4104 Sustainable Energy and Development SEE Dr. Scott Victor VALENTINE
SEE6201 Environmental and Energy Policy SEE
AIS4071 / AIS4104 Globalisation and the Environment AIS
AIS4201 International Relations: Conflict and Cooperation on Environment and Resources Problems AIS
AIS5014 Project Planning & Management for Development AIS
AIS5014 Special Topics in Development Studies/ Disaster Management, Development and Regional Governance in Asia AIS
AIS5038 Environmental Challenges in Asia and the World AIS
AIS5041 Special Topics in Asian and International Studies/ Disaster Management, Development and Regional Governance in Asia AIS
AP4176 Energy Materials for the Current Century AP
AP6176 Energy Materials Design for the Current Century AP
BCH3055 Green Chemistry BCH
BCH6117 Sustainable and Green Chemistry BCH
COM5102 Global Communication COM
POL3206 Environmental Issues, Policy and Ethics POL
POL3410 Management Ethics POL
POL3942 Environmental Policy and Ethics POL
SM3138 Creative City and Urban Critique SCM
SM3703 Media Art and the Environment SCM
SM3726 Sustainable Art and Design SCM
Taught postgraduate programmes & courses
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Contact Person

P63 Master of Science in Energy and Environment SEE Dr. Zhi NING
P51 MSc Environmental Science and Technology BCH Prof Michael H W LAM
P64 Master of Urban Design and Regional Planning ACE Prof S M LO
Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Science and Technology CSE Dr Michael Lam