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Speaker Date filmed Star rating Topic
Bill Gates February 2010 **** The importance of climate change and action needed
David Christianson March 2011 ***** Big history education
Eben Bayer July 2010 *** A biologically grown biodegradable replacement for styrofoam
Geoffrey West July 2011 **** The surprising math of cities and corporations
George Monbiot July 2013 *** Trophic cascade
Hans Rosling September 2010 ***** Reducing child mortality as the key to stabilising population and climate
Hans Rosling June 2010 *** Child survival is the key to pop stabilisation
Hans Rosling March 2007 *** Comparing public health statistics between countries
James Hansen February 2012 ***** Why you should be worried about climate change
Johan Rockstrom July 2010 ***** The nine planetary limits
Melinda French Gates September 2010 **** What nonprofits can learn from Coca-Cola
Melinda French Gates March 2012 ***** Let's put birth control back on the agenda
Richard Wilkinson July 2011 **** How inequality hurts
Ron Dunbar April 2010 *** Sea level risk (west antartic); warming (coral record); ocean acidification
Tim Jackson July 2010 ***** How changing our values can make our civilisation more sustainable
Willie Smits February 2009 *** Sugar Palm and Orangutan rescue