Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Air Pollution is mainly caused by emissions particulates, chemicals and biological matters increases the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, raises the cost of public health care and decreases city's productivity.

Where are the air pollutants in Hong Kong come from? The answer includes exhaust from vehicles and power plants in Hong Kong. Also, exhaust from industries in mainland China affect Hong Kong In fact, there were only 59 days in 2011 that the concentrations of air pollutions in Hong Kong are below the WHO short-term guidelines. Concentration of air pollutants in Hong Kong sometimes was up to 10 times of the WHO recommended limit.

Source: China Review News

The following indices that monitors Hong Kong's air pollution status, can give you a better understanding on this issue and how it is related to our daily life.

Air Pollution Index (Hong Kong) is provided by the Hong Kong Government's Environmental Protection Department. It is based on the atmospheric concentration of sulphur dioxide, total suspended particulates, repairable suspended particulates, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and lead. It was set up in 1987.

Hedley Environmental Index is created by University of Hong Kong and Civic Exchange. It is a more stringent air pollution index adopting World Health Organization (WHO) air pollutants guidelines It links the air pollution with its health impact, including premature deaths, days in hosipital and doctor visit that is caused by air pollution. Real-time index is provided at: