No boundaries! Carbon Trading Game bonds new immigrant youth to local community

Carbon Trading Game

11 AUG. The first Carbon Trading Game co-organized by Green Connections, City-Youth Empowerment Project and Tenghoi Conservation Organization was held on 11 August 2012 as a key part of an environment workshop designed to help youth people who have recently arrived in Hong Kong adapt to the local community. The game has successfully engaged 12 to 21 year-olds, and CityU volunteers under City-Youth Empowerment Project. Absorbed in the 1.5 hour game, the young people and volunteers have not only learnt about the efficient use of resources, the principals of carbon trading and other environment principals and mechanisms, but also practiced their skills in communication and team working. The game got the City-Youth volunteers and the young people working together in an exciting shared experience.

The Carbon Trading Game is an education tool focusing on, but not limiting to, environment education. It has been developed by Tenghoi Conservation Organization and have been used in both youth education and business education. Over the summer, 5 CityU students have enrolled in an internship scheme with Tenghoi. After 2 months of training and leading the game, the CityU's students can now run the game independently and provide education services through it. This game session for the City-Youth Empowerment Project was run by two CityU students who have just finished their internship with Tenghoi.

Following the success of the Carbon Trading Game is on 11th August, we are expecting more games session will be held with collaboration with Green Connections, City-Youth Empowerment Project and Tenghoi, to benefit more students and City-Youth's service recipients from the game.