Permaculture 1-Day Taster Course @ Ark Eden

On 12 April 2014, CityU Green Connections collaborated with Environmental Protection Society and organised the Permaculture 1-day Taster Course in Ark Eden on Lantau Island, 9 participants from CityU have joined the workshop. The course was to introduce the concept of Permaculture to students, it was instructed and illustrated by Daniel and Manick, permaculture aid experts.

Permaculture is one of the highlight of the farm. This concept is about a system for ecological and sustainable living, integrating plan, animals, buildings, people and communities. Through introducing tree-planting and gardening works to students, they have learned the ecological and self-sustain system as well as ways to maintain sustainable living in their daily life.

Mrs. Jenny Quinton, founder of Ark Eden Foundation, took students to their roof top garden to explain permaculture features of food system to them. During that session, principles of permaculture, which were ‘care for people’, ‘care for nature’ and ‘return the surplus’ were explained to students, they also got a chance to learn how to make liquid fertilizers and cut banana tree leaves. This trip has raised students’ interests in biodiversity of ecosystem. In the next session, students were given 5 small pots of trees and Manick showed them ways to plant trees after climbing up the mountain. After the tree-planting demonstration, students began to do practical work and plant trees.

This workshop has introduced the concept of Permaculture and enhanced students’ consciousness in sustainable urban living. Students have developed a better understanding of permaculture and tree-planting through this workshop. Many students stated that they have learned the importance of environmental protection and have developed stronger motivation in urban farming activities after this trip.

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Daniel shows students the liquid fertilizers and the aerobic process.

Manick teaches students how to cut banana tree leaves.

Students plant trees on mountains on Lantau Island.