Tour to Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong SoHo

On 8 Nov 2014, CityU Green Connections organised a tour to Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong SoHo in Sheung Wan, over 100 students from GE 2303 participated in the event.

Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong SoHo is the flagship of Green Building with a number of innovative ideas on Energy Optimization Solutions (EOS) and sustainable practices. It is also the first commercial high rise building in the world to achieve triple platinum of Green certificates including Hong Kong BEAM Plus (Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method). Under projection and comparing to the same scale hotel, overall energy saving and reduction of CO2 emission of the hotel is about 60% and 70% respectively.

Speakers have shared their experience on those green and innovative ideas adopted in this project such as the 18m vertical exterior green wall, green rooftop, solar hot water system, rain water recycling system, chilled Peltier Headboard, pattern recognition energy saving solution (PRESS) in common area, etc. After the sharing section, students were divided into 4 groups to visit the green roof, equipment rooms, podium and lobbies.

This activity has given our students an opportunity to learn about green building and its energy-saving features. Students' environmental protection awareness has been enhanced.

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Presentation of green features in the hotel.


A tour guide showing the intelligent fan coil unit (iFCU) to students.