Dangerous Climate Change: Tipping Points and Radical Geoengineering

On 24 Jan 2013, Peter Cox, Professor of Climate System Dynamics, University of Exeter, and a lead author on the report on climate change which the United Nations will publish the fifth later this year, visited CityU and share with us his insights on climate change tipping points, mitigation and adaptation measures.

Prof. Peter Cox talks on climate change tipping points

Prof. Cox shared the tipping point is a system which is forced to cross the threshold, the future state of the system could be changed into a qualitatively different state by just small perturbations. The rate of change at the tipping point is independent of the forcing. There are several tipping points which have been detected already, e.g. gulf-stream collapse, greening of Sahara, and collapse of the Indian Monsoon.

Is it possible to intervene the climate system by geoengineering, such as injection of aerosol which causes global cooling into stratospheric layer in order to moderate the climate change? Click to see full slides: here

After the talk, Green Connections and Environmental Protection Society introduced the activities in this semester. Green Connections has received many comments and suggestions from students, including establishing an environment forum, Inter-Hall Year End furniture recycling and etc.