Mind Your Environmental Footprint- CityU Ideas for Recycling Competition


To improve waste separation at CityU by:
1. Motivating students think about recycling in CityU and propose actions to improve it.
2. Collecting recycling ideas from students and cooperating with CDFO to optimize the CityU recycling facilities.

First briefing on the competition

Proposal Collection

Ideas eligible to be submitted: Any proposals can help improve CityU main campus recycling rate are welcome:e.g. suggest CDFO to improve facilities, propose to organize student-led campaigns or activities, re-design the recycling bins, etc.
Students should submit their proposals in either English or Chinese with no more than 3 A4 pages excluding graphs or photos in a hardcopy (in an envelope stated "Ideas for Recycling Competition") to the assignment box in Planet room (G313, AC2) , or softcopy send it to Green Connection mailbox : green.connections@cityu.edu.hk by 5pm 22 February 2013 (Round 1) or 5pm 22 March 2013 (Round 2).

There will be two rounds of submission and selection of proposals. Students can choose whether to submit their proposals in the first or second round. Students who submitted proposals in Round 1 can also submit improved or different proposals in Round 2.

Eligible to join: Current CityU students in Semester B (both Full-time and Part-time)

Proposals should include:
1. Students' Name, email, contact number, and programme
2. Objective
3. Evidence of the problem to be solved
4. Details of the solution
5. Costs estimates
6. Expected benefit

Each team will have an opportunity to present their ideas to the assessment panel.


4 March 2013 (Round 1) or 27 March 2013 (Round 2)

The assessment panel comprising, Dr Paul Shin from Department of Biology and Chemistry, Ms Shirley Ng from CDFO and Ms Roslyn Li from SDS, will decide which proposals get the chance of presentation. It depends on the quality of each proposal without considering the quantity of submission, i.e. if all submissions are good enough, every group will have a presentation.

Proposal assessment

Suggestions will be assessed by Dr Paul Shin, Ms Shirley Ng and Ms Roslyn Li on the following four aspects:
1. Environmental Impact (30%)
2. Practicality (20%)
3. Creativity (20%)
4. The overall outcome (Impact on students' behavioral change, attractiveness, etc.) (30%)

Result announcement

5 March 2013 (Round 1) or 28 March 2013 (Round 2)
On these two dates, result will be announced and award will be presented.

The cash prize for Round 1 is:?
- First prize of?$3,000
- Runner up prizes of?$1,000?per 10 submissions up to a maximum of 10 prizes
The Assessment Panel will advise the level of prize money for Round 2 after Round 1 is complete.

High quality proposals will publicized widely on campus to increase students' awareness on sustainability.

The Assessment Panel will also select the most practical ideas from Round 1 and offer funding for developing prototypes for implementation. And it is same for Round 2. A final assessment will be conducted to select the best developed idea for recycling at CityU with a prize of $2,500. The result will be announced on 31 May.
Students who get the First/Second Prizes in the competition will have first priority to be selected as summer interns for CDFO under the Campus Work Scheme employment to work for up to six weeks. CDFO will interview the students to choose which two students to employ.


Email: green.connections@cityu.edu.hk