Academic Staff

Name Department Position Email
Prof Andrew LEUNG Architecture & Civil Eng Chair Professor CoP-S Convener
Dr Maria FRANCESCH Public Policy Assistant Professor
Mr J Robert GIBSON Accountancy Adjunct Professor
Mr Nicky LAM Energy & Environment Assistant Professor
Mr Christopher MATTISON Asian and International Studies Director,SOMA
Prof. LI Che Lan Linda Public Policy Professor
Dr Julie MO Architecture & Civil Eng Principal Lecturer
Mr Alan M L FONG Division of Building Science & Technology Instructor
Dr SHI, Han Public and Social Administration Assistant Professor
Dr LI, Wanxin Public Policy Assistant Professor
Prof LIN, Feng School of Law Acting Dean & Professor
Dr CHEN, Jiayu Architecture & Civil Eng Assistant Professor
Dr LUO, Xiaowei Architecture & Civil Eng Assistant Professor
Dr Scott Victor VALENTINE Public Policy Associate Professor
Dr Che Wah TSO School of Energy & Environment Adjunct Professor
Dr LI Shan Architecture & Civil Eng Assistant Professor