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Our Research Students
alumni Post-Disaster Social Entrepreneurship – by Arnil Paras (PhD student)

research student
CARRARO Valentina
Email address
Mapping al-Quds- Reassembling the Online Cartographies of an Unjust City
CHAN Kwun Hong
Email address
Private Policing in Colonial Context: A case study of the District Watch Force
CHEN Wenna
Email address
Policy Diffusion of Environmental Policy
CHO Youn Soo
Email address
The State and Public Housing Policy: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Singapore
FONG Chi Wai
Email address
Oneness and spontaneity in the life of Martin Luther and Wang yang ming
Email address
Assessment of Land Use Policy and its implications on Floodway
LEE Subin
Email address
A Study of Changes in Emotion Theories in Chinese Confucian Philosophy
LIU Yongshen
Email address
Fluctuating Gentrification in the Contexts of Neoliberal Urbanism in China
KWON Kyung Rok
Email address
The Sentimentalist Representation in Confucianism
OUM Socheat
Email address
The role of awareness as a deterrent of corruption and the role in anti‐corruption movements in Cambodia
Email address
Theorizing Post-disaster Social Entrepreneurship from an Opportunity Prospective
Email address
How can Social Entrepreneurship Contribute to Social Work: An Exploratory Study of SE in the Disability Sector
Email address
Regulating microfinance: study of India and China
SUN Sihan
Email address
The application of Bioethics in hospice care for diseased patients
TANG Kai Yi Tim
Email address
Colonial Medical Reform under Cold War: A Comparative-historical Analysis of the cases of Hong Kong and Singapore
TU Wen Yan
Email address
Gender and Corruption—— An Analysis on Civil Servants in China
XIE Wenye
Email address
Family- based elder care policies: A comparative study between Hong Kong and Beijing
XU Jingyuan
Email address
What makes a government spend more on the environment? The case of Hong Kong
Email address
Fitting the Person to the Job or to the Organization? Evaluating the Process of Civil Service Selection in Guangdong Province
ZHAO Chenlin
Email address
Institutional Development and Budgeting Decision Making: the Case of Hong Kong
Email address
Homeowners’ collective action in Urban China